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Hey guys. Here is an invite to the Smash Stadium Discord server, where we talk about all Smash 1P modes of competition. Speedrunning, high scoring, and IL runs among other stuff are discussed. This includes all main Smash games and some fangames too. If you'd like to make a base there to discuss Melee on and decide how the game should be set up, feel free. You can always hang out with everybody and talk strategies too. Enjoy!


I'm new to discord. I'm trying this link and the one listed at the left, but it says it's no longer valid.

How can I join a SSBM / 1P / Speedrun discord?


Both links works for me. Not sure what's going on then.

Well here's a new link for you to try anyway: https:/​/​discord.​gg/​PwRPDSF