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I recently did an all trophies run. You are drastically underestimating how long it would take. I made some terrible mistakes and ended up having to sleep and go to work in between segments. All in all, it took about 61 hours. Roughly 36 was gameplay

Just some highlights:

You need 1809 vs matches (this prevents having to do classic/adventure/allstar with every character
You need 5000 KOs
You need somewhere around 30 trophies that only drop in 1p mode
You need every bonus
You need 1000 smash coins
---This is the killer. The fastest known way to get smash coins is dash dancing or crouching on 2x speed in training mode. 4x controllers doing it in lightning melee. At the fastest, this gets a little over 2.5 coins per minute. After doing all the other stuff, you will likely need 850-800 smash coins. So you will be crouching in training mode for 5-6 hours alone, if you can keep up the pace

Using everything I learned in the last run, I figured you can probably complete this in just under 24 hours. Maybe 4 hours less if you do everything really well.

BTW, I am uploading my run in its entirety, but it will take a long time lol. Maybe the category will be accepted here and it will inspire someone else to do the category 😑

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