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Then I'm the cheater right? LOOOOL


No, you need full video proof of your run for it to count, also can you two just stop plz, it's annoying


Also I plan to make all the BTT times IGTs so you two don't act like you have WR just cause of an exploit


@ToxicToast1 that was beautiful dude holy shit keepo
@New_Guy no
@hypermariosunshine I can't understand how did you not think something like this could happen, way to go mods


So I know this is 4 months old, but the leaderboards still haven’t been completely fixed yet. Honestly it’s kinda funny that 4 months later the BTT leaderboards aren’t fixed. I deleted all of my BTT runs that exploited the glitch in the leaderboards. I’m not even mad anymore, but can you guys just fix it?

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