Ganon Classic (Normal/Ganon) guide (WIP)

By OliveOlive. Last updated

After spending many hours and over 1300 attempts running this category, I have decided to write down my strats in the hope it may help another Ganon in their running endeavors. Hopefully somebody will benefit from the time I sunk into the category. Enjoy ❤️

Note: Down-b is usually much more reliable than d-air as the CPUs seem to really enjoy meteor cancelling the d-air. It's pointless to d-air spike Kirby or Puff at low%.


[Solo fight]
SS: Mushroom Kingdom 2 (Peach, Luigi), Mute City (Falcon)

MK2 (Peach) is the best map for sure. As soon as you start, forward air the peach, then jump -> down-b to spike her down the right pit for the quickest round 1 in the game. Sometimes she can jump out or up-b if it’s not executed perfectly so keep that in mind, always be ready to use a backup strat (Killing off the side). Even if you miss it’s one of the fastest stages to do.

MK2 (Luigi) comes in at a very close second as it requires a much more difficult timing to actually pull off. As soon as you start you want to move backward to lure him toward the left pit. Jump out and double jump back toward the middle, this will lure him to jump/drop over the pit slightly. You want to d-air him as soon as he places a toe over the left pit, killing him instantly if you pull it off correctly. There’s a backup strat for this if you hit him too early and he just goes up. You want to jump and d-air him again but you have to be on the right side of Luigi so he is sent diagonally down and left down the pit. You can also do this strat with Peach but the other method is faster and far more consistent. Feels good to pull off.

Mute City is also placed in SS tier as it’s almost as fast as MK2 while being amazingly consistent to pull off. Immediately run and f-air falcon then run, jump and down b as he uses his up-b. Can be 99% consistent if you get the timing down.
S: Yoshi’s Island/Yoshi’s story (Yoshi), Battlefield (Bowser)

The Yoshi stages are very fast if executed correctly, though it can be difficult to do so.
For Yoshi’s Island you want to immediately run and f-air Yoshi, run and f-air again, run and f-air a last time to kill. For the third f-air if you do it perfectly you will miss as you have to wait for Yoshi to get up from the second f-air. If Yoshi is off screen without dying you can do an up-air or another f-air to finish him off. This requires quick SHFFLs so if you’re not good at L-cancelling you might have trouble.

For Yoshi’s Story you want to immediately double jump to the top platform and f-air Yoshi, from here you can jump down fast fall f-air or just run off the platform and f-air. After this you have to jump out and down-b him mid-air to kill. I had trouble for a while L-cancelling the first f-air, beware.

For Battlefield you want to double jump up, (Not onto the platform) f-air Bowser as he drops from the platform, run and f-air him again as he hits the right platform. Then you jump out and down-b him to kill. Very fast. Easier than the Yoshi stages imo, though slightly slower than them.
A: Final Destination (Mewtwo), Rainbow Cruise (Mario)

The Mewtwo stage is pretty easy to pull off. All you have to do is run f-air him, run f-air again, then jump out and down-b. He will use his up-b so make sure you up-b too so you don’t lose a life. His up-b is the only reason I don’t place this in S tier.

Rainbow Cruise is one of the few stages where we actually use d-air to get a kill. You want to immediately go to the left edge and face away from Mario. As he walks closer you want to jump then double jump behind him, fast fall and f-air to send him offstage. After this, jump out and d-air the fuck out of him. GG.