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Just want to say, I've tried numerous times to reach out to pikashy and negotiate some kind of peace agreement.

Bro pikashy you need some serious help.

The amount of time and energy you've put into these essays is not healthy.

Your entire profile is "some guy on the internet was mean to me and I am so emotionally distraught that I quit speedrunning." Is that really what you want to be known for?

I sincerely hope you can find some type of meaning for your life besides internet drama.

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Also, regarding the leaderboard, I really don't care what y'all do since the leaderboard hasn't been accurate since pikashy was a mod and verified his own runs.

I believe ALL legitimate runs should be posted.

Anyway, all this drama has been hilarious, but it's about time for me to move on.

I have a family and a business to take care of and new interests that I have been pursuing so I have no plans in the foreseeable future to commit any serious amount of time to speedruns.

I wish y'all the best and any future speedrunners that might read this thread, good luck on the runs.

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Answering each paragraph one at a time. Before I do so, I want to point out a classic manipulative tactic Entei does time and time again, and that is deflecting the negative attention off of him, and putting it on someone else (in this case, me). Pretty much Entei's entire response doesn't answer anything, and instead deflects it back to me. This is something Entei has done for years.

I don't know what your definition of "trying to reach out" is, but every time you've messaged me, it has been nothing but harassment trying to get me to "admit" to your stories you created. You've come to my stream to harass me in front of my viewers, you've private messaged me telling me to admit to your stories, and even immediately after I beat my own Link Very Hard run in April 2021 (after coming back from quitting), you are in my stream harassing me. And I've got proof for each of these. If you are going to challenge me on this, then I will post all of the proof I have showing this. So in conclusion, yes you contacted me, but every time, you harassed me. So this is a manipulative tactic to make it seem like you were trying to resolve the issue.

Entei has portrayed me for years as a mentally ill and unstable person needing psychological help, pretending to be a victim in order to seek attention. This is his way of "dismissing" and deflecting me calling him a bully (which ironically is bullying in itself), and avoiding talking about it.

I've been bullied, targeted, and harassed by you since August 2018, leading me to quit speedrunning Smash 64, quit the speedrunning community, and ultimately quit Twitch, "pikashy", and everything. The bullying, targeting, and harassment was so bad I quit everything in an attempt to avoid it. And then your community still came to my Discord server harassing my community nearly half a year after I left. I attempted to ignore and avoid the situation in the hopes that it would make the bullying stop. However, this has gone on for so long, and has gotten so excessive at times that the longer I do nothing, the more you seem to feel empowered to bully me. And now that I'm defending myself from the bullying, writing what happened, providing evidence and everything, me putting the time and effort to defend myself is not healthy? You're trying to "invalidate" me speaking out against you by, once again, portraying me as a mentally ill person who needs psychological help.

The panel explaining the bullying events is one panel buried deep in my Twitch bio. The reason it exists is because I didn't want to deal with the situation, or even talk about the situation after I quit. Yet being the WR holder in every category, everyone kept asking why I quit. So to avoid explaining each time, I wrote out the panel, and directed people to it. As long as you continue to bully and harass me, as long as you continue to call me mentally ill, as long as you refuse to admit you've bullied me for over 3 years, that panel is 100% relevant. Also, this is another classic way of Entei attempting to deflect the attention on me. I write out a panel defending myself. Entei calls me out as an emotionally distraught mentally ill person who needs help, and wants to be known as a victim as a way to seek attention. This is his way of "dismissing" the panel as a whole (and basically every time I defend myself).

Again, this last paragraph in the first post is portraying me as someone who is seeking attention using internet drama. Entei again deflecting the whole situation.

Post 2

Entei has compared me to Todd Rogers because I verified my own Link Very Hard run that beat his run back in January 2019. Ever since then, he's been using this storyline to show and support his storyline that I'm a phony, and is again using it here. At the time, EVERY smash 64 moderator verified their own times. I did, Shadow did, and KM did. This was something that was done by every moderator, and was considered acceptable in the community at the time. Yet it's only a problem that I'm doing it, but everyone else is fine? If this was an issue, Entei should have brought it up to the community. Instead, he singles me out, compares me to Todd Rogers, and continues to spread his stories that I'm a phony. Even here, he's singling me out, and only me. Never once has he gone after Shadow for verifying his own runs. Never once has he gone after KM for verifying his own runs. He has only gone after me. And I want to make it clear the run I verified that started the whole Todd Rogers comparison is my 7:33 Link Very Hard run that beat his 7:50 run. Me beating his WR encouraged him to compare me to Todd Rogers.

The "All legitimate runs" sentence is just an opinion, so that's irrelevant to this.

I'm going to finish the last 3 here. This is another manipulative tactic Entei has done time and time again. When he no longer wants to talk about something, he tries to "act like the bigger man", and says he wants to move on and not deal with this anymore. He usually bring up irl stuff as to why he cannot continue talking (which he does here again). This is basically his way of having the conversation dropped, and avoiding any response to what he says. This is something Entei has done time and time again. I don't know if him saying this is true or not in this scenario, but I want to point out this manipulative tactic he has done several times in the past (often when talking with me).


In summary:

Pretty much Entei's entire two post response has been nothing but manipulation and deflection of the attention from him to me. He deflects nearly every accusation made against him by using this storyline that I'm a mentally ill person who needs psychological help, and seeks attention by pretending to be a victim, which he says several times in his posts. Never once in his entire two posts does he actually talk about any of the bullying events, and instead attempts to deflect the entire conversation away from that. This is 100% classic Entei manipulation, and I'm making it very clear this is what happened.

I may or may not do another response with proof later, but for now, I'm leaving it at this. If this is Entei's response, then I may make a more formal detailed response filled with proof later.

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that feel when your most viewed video is a stolen vod,

I guess pikashy "the victim" gets more attention than pikashy "the speedrunner"

devoting half your bio to me, all these 1k+ word posts, taping (and stealing) my vods....

cmon dude, you gotta see the amount of time and effort you're expending thinking about someone you don't like (who you haven't even talked to in over a year) is bizarre.

You're obsessed dude, please get some help.

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I'm obsessing over it? Tell me when was the last time I showed up in your stream chat? I'll answer that for you: August 2018, when you turned on me. I have not been in your stream chat since, and I encourage you to fact check me on that. When have you shown up in my stream chat since then: 2019, 2020, and 2021. What about you showing up in my stream in April, LESS THAN 2 MINUTES AFTER I GET WR IN LINK VERY HARD, and harass me? What about the 3 years of you ripping me apart on stream, and even admitting to it on stream?

Again, classic Entei manipulation tactics at work. Please, if you think this is all inaccurate and unnecessary, address ANY SINGLE THING that I have brought up about the bullying. You have not addressed anything. Why don't you tell everyone why I'm a "White Knight", or a "phony", or why me touching Link Very Hard is a criminal offense. I would be more than happy to fill in the context you conveniently leave out.

If you're not going to address anything, and instead give manipulation attempts to avoid the discussion, then you're basically proving everything I'm saying as you have no defense.

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Actually, I just realized something. You're accusing me of my highest viewed video being "stolen". Isn't 80% of that video containing you READING MY ENTIRE BIO ON YOUR STREAM? Isn't 80% of the content in this video my own content being shown in your video? I'm a content thief for posting this on my Youtube channel. Yet you've gone on record saying that the stream you did was the best stream you ever did, and that you not only highlighted it, but saved it on your computer so that if it was taken down for whatever reason off of Twitch, you'd reupload it to Youtube. You had full intention of making this something I could never escape. Turns out that it's over 2 hours straight of bullying, and contains plenty of evidence of bullying events of the past as well. So you accusing me of "stealing" your content is entirely ironic, because the content I "stole" from you was 80% my own content you streamed on your stream.

Also, for the sake of fact checking, that video is nowhere near the most viewed video. It's the 14th most viewed video on my channel, with 162 views right now, the most viewed video having 1,432 views. It's not even close to the most. But good try deflecting the situation on me with another manipulation/lie.

Again, I'm waiting for you to address ANYTHING I have brought up.

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Entei, take your own advice, and just move on. You were a bully then, and you're a bully now.

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I'm not responding to your accusations because I don't care and neither does anyone else.

We've already talked about this ad nauseam on twitch and discord.

I'm genuinely concerned for your mental well being.

Even before I came along, you were constantly telling everyone how badly ghillie had treated you.

That means you've spent nearly 10 years seething and stewing over people who shouldn't even matter to you at all.

Idk dude, at this point I just feel bad for you.

I'm already banned from the discord, and from your twitch channel, and I don't even speedrun smash anymore.

I've essentially been erased from your life yet you're still here crying about having been "targeted"

What more do you even want?

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Classic deflection again. Not responding to anything. Desperately throwing anything you can to manipulate the situation.

You're not responding to my accusations because you have no defense, and hope that by not responding, people will forget. This is what you've done literally every time, including in every one of our conversations. You force your storylines to be the ones talked about, just as you've done time and time again, and never once respond to anything that could be bad against you. I've responded to everything you've said, and I'd say not only defending myself, but showing where you're in the wrong instead. You will never talk about anything related to bullying, and attempt to manipulate the situation as much as you can to try to trivialize the whole bullying events.

Yes, Ghillie and I have had a problem in the past. Ghillie has since admitted that he was in the wrong, and that it was due to jealousy. Years ago, Ghillie stopped any kind of attacks towards me, and I have no reason to believe Ghillie would start up again. I have no problems with Ghillie now, and haven't for years, and I don't see any reason why a problem would start up again. You writing this is an attempt at some or a combination (or all) of these things: reignite a conflict between Ghillie and I, make me look like I have problems with everyone using Ghillie as the example (basically pushing your storyline that I pretend to be a victim), and trivializing the whole situation. Given the circumstances, in my personal opinion, you bringing up Ghillie attacks Ghillie just as much, if not more, than me, when the whole situation has been resolved years ago. Are you trying to make more enemies?

Let's be completely truthful about the reason you keep quitting Smash categories. The reason you don't speedrun smash anymore is because someone is better than you. That's all there is to it. Anytime I beat you, you quit. You spend a significant amount of time on Link Very Hard No Damage. I beat the challenge, you never run the category again, and even sell your copy of the game for over half a year. You go for the first Kirby sub 7, spend a lot of time on the category. I get sub 7 in a single stream, you never touch the category again. You go for Link Very Hard WR trying to "take back your WR". I demolish my own WR by 16 seconds with a 7:17, you never touched smash 64 speedruns again, harassing me on your way out. Nothing was preventing you from continuing these categories and challenges.

At the end of the day, this is the problem. You hate competition. You want to be the best runner in the game, hold the World Records, beat the impossible challenges, be at the top of the game. There is nothing wrong with that in isolation, and anyone who has a problem with that needs to grow up. However, when someone who can actually beat you comes around (i.e. me), you bully them and pressure them into quitting, and then thank them for letting you beat the challenge first. When you get a single World Record, you're a Link God. You're the master of Smash Speedruns. You're the best runner in the game (yes, Entei has claimed he's the best runner in the game, and nobody is on his level, not even me, when he had only one World Record, a run that took me less than 3 hours to beat when I finally ran the game again). Whenever I beat your run, I'm a phony, I'm mentally ill, everyone make fun of pikashy. This is the trend that's happened time and time again. You will gladly encourage absolutely any other runner to run the game, because you think you can easily beat any other runner, and beating more runners makes your accomplishments look better. But as soon as I touch your category, it's a problem. This is not only why you bully me, but this is also why you quit. You bully, target, and harass me to prevent me from beating you, and when it fails, and I succeed, you quit. I beat Link Very Hard No Damage first, you can never claim to be the first to complete the challenge, you quit. I get a Link Very Hard run of 7:17, a time I am willing to bet you will never beat, so you quit, and have never done a run since. There is nothing preventing you from still doing Very Hard No Damage attempts to complete the challenge. There is nothing preventing you from still doing Smash 64 speedruns. But because you can't be #1, you are quitting, and harass me less than 2 minutes after I got my run. You've never done a single speedrun since the 7:17, and I highly doubt you ever will. And even if you do, you'll have competition in whatever category you choose to run, I can guarantee it.

If you've been erased from my life, then why is someone under the username "Entei" constantly making posts calling me mentally ill, and continuing to portray me as pretending to be a victim? Let's do a summary of these messages:

"Bro pikashy you need some serious help.

The amount of time and energy you've put into these essays is not healthy.

Your entire profile is "some guy on the internet was mean to me and I am so emotionally distraught that I quit speedrunning." Is that really what you want to be known for?

I sincerely hope you can find some type of meaning for your life besides internet drama."

"I guess pikashy "the victim" gets more attention than pikashy "the speedrunner"

devoting half your bio to me, all these 1k+ word posts, taping (and stealing) my vods....

cmon dude, you gotta see the amount of time and effort you're expending thinking about someone you don't like (who you haven't even talked to in over a year) is bizarre.

You're obsessed dude, please get some help."

"I'm genuinely concerned for your mental well being."

"Idk dude, at this point I just feel bad for you."

"I've essentially been erased from your life yet you're still here crying about having been "targeted""

Over half of everything you said revolves around you portraying me as a mentally ill person who pretends to be a victim and needs serious psychological help. You have no defense to anything, so you instead try to portray me as mentally unstable so that you can avoid any type of consequences for your actions and try to deflect them on to me.

So once again, I've responded to each specific thing you've said in detail. Are you ever going to respond to a single thing related to bullying, or are you going to just pretend it never happened? The longer you pretend nothing happened, the more nobody buys your story (ironically).

Again, I would like to repeat "classic Entei manipulation" from a few posts back: "I can't talk about this anymore, I'm moving on, I have irl stuff to do". Two more posts on top of that? Yeah, nice try. More like you're trying to avoid anyone fact checking anything and attempting to dodge everything.

At the end of the day, you're done. You're not only a bully, but also sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, make fun of mental illness, toxic to high levels, and nobody wants to deal with you anymore including (finally) the Smash 64 speedrunning community. You're done Entei. If you want to defend yourself from what I said here, then go ahead. Otherwise, I'm just going to say this now, any message you make where you do not address the bullying, sexist, racist, homophobic etc accusations against you, you are admitting to it by proving you don't have a defense for that behaviour. I'm done with you. I've been done with you for over 3 years, and have tried to distance myself from you (yet you talk about me on stream every stream, and harass me when you can). The Smash 64 speedrunning community is done with you. I'm sure if other communities saw the proof of your behaviour, they wouldn't want anything to do with you. Take your toxicity elsewhere. And if you would like to challenge me on the claims I have made, I have proof for everything I said.

If you would like to challenge me and fact check me, I would be more than happy to provide the proof for everything I've said. I'm preoccupied the next few weeks, so I'd rather not go through everything now, but if you would like for me to do so now, and want to fact check me, I will gladly take time away from what I'm doing, sit down, and prepare a large "Entei expose video" filled with proof of everything I said. Just give me the word, and I'll prepare this just for you.

Is there anything else you'd like to say in this thread, or are you done? Your choice. Seeing as you haven't defended yourself from anything so far, I don't think any """defense""" you do would even be considered a defense, and anything you would challenge me on, I've got proof I can provide to back what I've said. Just give me the word. Otherwise, if you don't respond, I'll just assume you have no defense and have chosen to just not reply since there's no way to manipulate the situation anymore.

Anyways, I'm done. The Smash 64 speedrunning community is done. If you're done, then just leave. Your biggest contribution to the Smash 64 speedrunning community has been sending the community into the worst era the game has ever had, shattered the community in ways that may or may not ever be repaired (not just me, but others as well who have also partially or fully quit), and leaving before everything you've done comes back on you. I'm ready to move on. The Smash 64 speedrunning community is ready to move on. So if there's anything else you'd like to say, if there's anything you want me to clarify, any other proof you want me to provide, let me now. Otherwise, get lost, and don't ever come back. I think we're all ready to move on from this.

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I was willing to assume that Entei would disappear, or at worst make a final bad attempt at deflecting everything again within this forum. What he did instead was not at all what I expected........

He showed up in my chat tonight disguised as an alt, and did a terrible job of hiding it.

For someone who was pretending to move on and deal with irl stuff instead, you seem to really want to continue to harass me. I don't think I have to explain anything at this point. Your obsession with bullying, targeting, and harassing me is so blatantly obvious that nobody's going to see it any other way. I've got nothing else to say at this point.

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OK wow, now you're just telling straight up lies. I do not have an alt account.

I was in your stream last night, with my OWN account so I could reach out to you via unban request.

idk if you even bothered to read it but it said something along the lines of..

It's cool if you don't want to unban me, but I'd like to have a chat with you and at least attempt to put this ugliness behind us. It's a shame things turned out this way because we used to be friends even if it was for a brief moment and I hope you do well in your chess tournament.

Honestly, I no longer have any ill will towards you.

Anyway, if you want a sincere apology, you know how to get a hold of me.

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These 5 messages were posted by a user, all within 5 minutes, and were the very first time the person has posted in my stream.



Oh ok

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, how is yourrrr night going? ❤️ xoox

Awww ❤️

Replying to @soup_steward: everyone always asks "when is stream" but nobody ask "how is streamer" 😦
Anna reads bio


😕 is your favourite "emote", message, and what you type every time you enter every stream. It's your go-to raid message. This is something you use all the time.

"Oh ok" is a phrase you use often. You've said this countless times in our conversations. Again, this is something you use often.

The next two messages are troll messages.

After the first two messages, I messaged someone watching immediately telling them that you were in my chat, but I was waiting for confirming evidence. You could probably hear me typing during the stream. And that's where the last message comes in.

Someone asks "how is streamer?". The response was "Anna reads bio". Someone who showed up in less than 5 minutes, without question would not have time to have read the entire bio by that point, nor would they even consider the idea that reading the bio has anything to do with this question. Even then, that person wouldn't announce out of nowhere that they were reading the bio. Yet this person knows exactly to answer "how is streamer" with "Anna reads bio", where that answer has nothing to do with the question at all, basically trying to get viewers to read the bio, and maybe to even bring up the whole panel that's written about you. There isn't any other person who would make this message, intentionally or accidentally, except you.

No other messages were made by this "username" after the "Anna reads bio" message.

You have way too many tells. It's extremely obvious it's you. I could show this to several other people, and them knowing the context, could identify you immediately.

For more convincing evidence, the account was created one month ago, which is a short time after you got banned from Twitch. The timing of the account being created also points to you.


As for your message using your own account, I didn't even see it. I guess Twitch's block system actually worked for once, unlike in April. Still, why would you even be in my stream in the first place, for any reason? Again, the last time I was in your stream was in August 2018. I have ignored you, avoided you, and no matter what I tried, you have constantly bullied, targeted, and harassed me, showed up in my stream in 2019, 2020, 2021, and, at your own admitting, whether with a main or alt (or both), 2022 last night.

Do you not get what the whole point of this is? I'm done with you. I want nothing to do with you. You coming to my stream shows that you still aren't done with this. There's no way you can manipulate the situation further here, as the evidence is so overwhelming against you, so you resort to harassing me on Twitch. There is ZERO reason for you to show up in my Twitch, or try to "reach out" to me in any way on any platform, no matter what account you wish to use. You're a stalker, and you showing up in my stream last night proves it once again. You're racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, make fun of mental illness, bully, target and harass people when things don't go your way, and are toxic to extreme levels, and I do not wish to be associated with someone showing this behaviour. Leave me alone.

I beat you in a videogame 3 and a half years ago, and you're still harassing me today. Grow up, and get lost. Take your "sincere apology", and shove it up where it came from.

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God Damn dude, I was on your stream trying to reach out because you've been on this forum spewing thousands and thousands of words of hateful garbage.

I'm not asking you to be associated with me, but you've decided to make me a part of your identity by having me as the subject of half of your bio.

Every day you stream you are begging for people to talk about Entei64
Look at you man, you're being triggered by some stranger using an emote.

I just think you'd be a lot happier if you could leave this hatred behind.

And I think we would both be able to leave this hatred behind if you would entertain the idea of at least trying to talk it out.


So what you've said and done on your stream towards me, the 3 and a half years of bullying, targeting, and harassment, is all ok? We're just going to pretend like what you've done to me for the last 3 and a half years never happened? And before you just attempt to dismiss it as "hateful garbage", you still haven't shown any single attempt to defend yourself against anything I said. As far as I'm concerned, if you can't even come up with a defense, you're admitting it's all true, and your "apology attempt" is the confirmation. Look at me in comparison. I'm responding and defending myself to every attack you've made in this thread, knowing full well it's your attempt to deflect the conversation away from you.

I will repeat myself. I do not wish to talk about you on stream. Yet, given the events that have happened, people repeatedly ask me what happened. To prevent myself from having to re-explain everything every time, a story I would much prefer not to say on stream, I just direct people to the bio, and they can get all the info they want from there. If you have a problem with being labelled as a bully in the bio, then maybe you shouldn't have bullied me for 3 and a half years.

Every day I'm begging for people to talk about you? I have avoided talking about you for nearly the entire time. The only time I have talked about you is when other people brought it up, and asked specific questions that I didn't think were answered in the bio panel. I am asking everyone here to fact check me on this. If anyone here thinks I repeatedly voluntarily talked about Entei on stream, or encouraged that conversation to happen in my Twitch chat, please call me out. Maybe there were one or two isolated incidents max, but in at least 99% of the streams I do, I don't even mention you, and avoid the conversation about you if it is brought up. You saying I'm "begging" to talk about you is a complete lie, and is again, another classic Entei deflection attempt. But just to reverse it on you, here's you admitting to exactly what you accused me of doing:

You talked about me on stream EVERY, SINGLE, STREAM you did. You encouraged your chat to make fun of me on your stream. You invited your loyalest followers into a voice call to make fun of me for an entire stream. You went to my Twitch bio and would read my "thoughts on WR" panel and make fun of it several times just for fun. You didn't beg for someone to start talking about me, you were already talking about me before they even had a chance to say anything.

I'd just be a lot happier if you left and never returned. Not message me on Twitch, not contact me in any other way, not even reference me at any other point in your life for any reason.

I've tried to talk it out with you. Every time that happens, your entire apology is a lie. I'm actually in the process of watching your apology for Link Very Hard No Damage attempts, debating if I should even bother uploading it. You apologized for the one thing I showed proof for, pretended you were being the bigger man resolving the situation (when in reality you were trying to avoid me exposing your lie with proof), and meanwhile, people in chat are making fun of me during the """apology""", and you are encouraging them to do so if the reason was unrelated to the proof.

How about you being banned the first time from the Smash 64 speedrunning in January 2020? You came into the discussion, and manipulated the permanent ban that was going to be issued, and turned it into a 6 month ban. Little did anyone know you were already selling your copy of the game and weren't going to be playing the game for months anyways, so this "6 month ban" did absolutely nothing.

You are a liar and a manipulator, and the evidence exists throughout this forum discussion and throughout everything that's happened in the last three and a half years. You've brought up countless fake stories and attempts at deflecting the attention off of you that I've lost count. Even now, you're "trying to act like the bigger man" in an attempt to deflect from everything you've said in this forum, everything that's been brought against you in this forum, and to deflect from everything that's happened in the last 3 and a half years. No talk is ever going to happen. I thought I made that clear a long time ago.

Again, you were apparently unable to talk, had irl stuff to do. Yet you still have time to spew out your 4-5 paragraphs of "deflection/manipuation". If people who read everything read all your messages from the beginning, they'd see that literally every single thing you've said this whole time has been nothing but lies. Even this last message you made has a clear lie in it, where you accuse me of trying to talk about you on stream, when the reality is you are the one that always talks about me, with mountains and mountains and mountains of proof to back that up. There's the video I posted above. There's the September 3rd 2 hour long bullying stream. There's the September 4th afterparty with your loyalest supporters in a voice call. That's just to name a few. Trying to make an apology message, and again lying in it is not a good way to try to trick people into thinking you're trying to be the bigger man here.

I'm done with you. Everyone here is done with you. And if it isn't clear, every message I write from now on, I'll end with this to hopefully make you finally leave:

You're sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, make fun of mental illness, bully, target and harass people when things don't go your way, and are toxic to extreme levels, and I do not wish to be associated with someone showing this behaviour. Leave me alone.

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If you don't care for a resolve our differences, that's your choice and although I disagree with it, I accept it.

Would you be OK with us just agreeing to never speak to each other or talk about each other again?

This whole situation is rather tiresome

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In August 2018, the stream you turned on me, I spent over an hour in your stream defending myself, and trying to resolve the issue before it became a problem. You had absolutely none of it, and proceeded to bully me for 3 and a half years because nobody even had the thought of fact checking a thing you said. You could say any lies you wanted, and everyone would believe every word you said. Suddenly, you get banned from Twitch. You get banned from the Smash 64 speedrunning community. People are realizing who you really are. Everyone is distancing themselves from you. After three and a half years of being the alpha male bully, you're the one nobody wants anything to do with. And now that you're at the bottom, you're asking for a peace agreement? And spending the last few days still lying and manipulating as hard as you can? And even now, still trying to pretend to be the bigger man when you literally have no other option? Drop the "bigger man" act. You're done. You've been done for a while. Everyone knows who/what you are, and no amounts of manipulation is going to change that.

I'll repeat what I said many posts back: You single handedly brought the Smash 64 speedrunning community through the worst era it has ever had. You've fractured and destroyed the community in ways that may never be repaired. You bullied me to the point I quit everything "pikashy" because I couldn't take it anymore. All the while, you trivialized everything you did, manipulated everything, and got away with it for basically 3 years, and never once felt sorry for a thing you've done. You've portrayed me as a mentally ill person who needs psychological help for years. You've spread this to several other people, who have also in turn invaded my Twitch channel, my Discord server, and more, just to harass me and my community. I could make a hour long video explaining everything you've done.

Unless I'm mistaken, I think everyone here wants to never speak with you again. Everyone wants you gone. Nobody wants to deal with you anymore. But now, after the three years of stuff you've done, you want everyone to not talk about you? You were the life of the party for 3 years, and now that it's all crashed down on you, we shouldn't talk about it, letting you disappear without a trace? You're too ingrained in the history of Smash 64 speedrunning, notably in Very Hard speedruns, among several other things you've done in the game and within the community. You literally destroyed "pikashy" to the point of me quitting entirely. I personally have been severely impacted this over the course of the 3 years, to the point of quitting in order to avoid dealing with it, and all you did was cheer and celebrate, and tell everyone I was pretending to be a victim for attention.

Your history with everything is not something that will be "forgotten". And your actions towards me, as well as my community in some ways, is something that will never go away. Whether anyone talks about you again is something I cannot guarantee one way or another. You've been digging your own grave for years, and you're finally now falling into it.

I love how this whole conversation about you is tiresome and you want it to end, yet for the last 3 years, the conversation about me was alive the entire time. I was the meme of the Entei community, and bullied targeted, and harassed. Never once did you even consider trying to make it stop. Even in this thread, you continued, saying manipulated lies that were obvious and easy to explain. Suddenly, when you're the one being talked about, everyone needs to stop? The conversation is tiresome? Welcome to the 3 years I've gone through. If you truly wanted this conversation to stop, all you had to do, for the last 2 days, is stop talking. This conversation was over many times, yet you come in and start it up again each time. Everyone knows who/what you are, and nobody wants to deal with you anymore. And keeping my promise, I will end with this:

You're sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, make fun of mental illness, bully, target and harass people when things don't go your way, and are toxic to extreme levels, and I do not wish to be associated with someone showing this behaviour. Leave me alone.

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So, you don't care to agree for us to not talk to or about each other?

Is that the gist of what you said?


I'm messaging moderators to lock this thread. There's no reason for this to continue.

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