Super Smash Bros. Forum  /  going to start production on SSB64 tutorials (advanced + intermediate skill level) will be created on my youtube channel (Locked)

- These tutorials will consist of strats for each character & it's ILs through the Classic game mode, (probably going to start with Very Easy 5 Stock) The fastest moves and times to use them on certain levels, RNG manipulations/ideas/outcomes, maybe even some Tech, hitbox info, etc. I will try to be as in depth as possible. (I have no real good editing/recording software.) just the basic windows movie maker (ROFL) + obs. So these will take a lot of effort & time to create with far less than stellar quality as I would like. But it's possible I'll upgrade to some other things so who knows.

- I think I'm going to format this into one character per episode rather than having a huge collection of characters for one video. With both text & commentary, maybe even some controller camera stuff to help explain things in the tutorials. If I really enjoy or get carried away with this, I may even generate animated sequences/visual representations of some things.

- I decided on this because I know the leaderboard has been having some confusion and a lot of lack of communication. as well as people taking breaks. New people are starting to get into the community, so I thought this would be a better time than never to begin these videos. Lately I haven't felt like doing full runs, but strat theory, creation, & testing has been on my mind a lot. So i feel like i can knock out two birds with one stone in doing this.

- If people have character requests or suggestions on ones to start first then go ahead and let me know! I will gladly start with any of them. (except DK) Characters that I could see covering well + quickly will be Fox, Link, Falcon, Ness, & Yoshi. The other members of the cast will require a lot of testing and learning of my own so dont expect those to be out for quite some time!

- These will not have scheduled updates because laziness can put a sudden hold to it. ROFL As well as other speedgames I'm focusing on, which can take a lot of my time + attention. (sorry!)
So they will be released when I'm done with them & if they meet my personal criteria.

- If anyone wants to help with it, then shoot me a pm on twitch or simply respond in this thread. I plan on streaming some of the stuff I have done as a preview and to let some people give their thoughts before finalizing and uploading the tutorials.

- youtube channel that'll be used:
I was considering making a brand new channel just for this, but youtube is really gross now-a-days so Im not too interested in doing that. This channel already has some WRs and cool strat highlights plus other random vids that i have on there that you shouldn't watch. Kappa But if you're interested in picking up some categories you can check out the smash speedrunrelated videos or just the top times on the leaderboard here!

- while this does sound like a VERY serious project and I plan on taking them seriously; these are also meant to be for fun & hopefully helpful! I've been inspired by pannenkoek's amazing videos to attempt my hand at these. DO NOT feel like because I am creating these, that Im forcing you, or telling you that, "this is the way you should run it & only use these strats showcased in these videos." There's no proper way to speedrun/play this game! (submitting times obviously must follow the rules tho) With our community and crazy categories, race ideas, conversations, it keeps everything around here fun..i means dead serious.

- as i said before these are pretty big projects & with my lack of utilities to create them in high quality, it'll tale a while to get them out there and to you as fast as possible. I AM NOT interested in pirating any software or stuff like that. Plus if you want to create your own then go for it too! There's so much...too much to cover about this game that a single person just can't do. (unless you're M2K)

¤¤(Starting next week, monday/tuesday "MAY" begin some testing with Fox. eg the first start on production.) I'll probably keep you guys updated with video information, release dates, and stuff via this thread.

There's probably a million things I'm forgetting to mention or fix on here..but I am running on hardly any sleep so I wouldn't be surprised ResidentSleeper
Thanks :3

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I will continue to release beginner tutorials on this playlist in the future but it's good too see some additional more indepth tutorials being planned. If you have technical issues or just want my opinion on anything in development of these feel free to ask but at the moment I cannot offer any assistance other than advice.


¤Mini Update¤

I have decided to start with the character Fox. I have some footage up to BTP, with 5 different outcomes. (different strats used, and how smart improv can save a run/race) going to start into the editing phase of this part & maybe even start a rough draft of the script for commentary. Having a lot of fun so far 🙂

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