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PetePlaysTheGamesPetePlaysTheGames Lenna's Inception Sacrifice Ending 1:00:00 PC USA Link Lenna's Inception has been finding a nice home in marathons, having multiple endings, art styles, categories, and by being a randomizer by default! Always fun to catch in a marathon. As for me personally, I feel I've got a decent demeanor and attitude during a run/marathon. 0 Seed Name (Up to 12 Cahracters) Being a randomizer, the seed name is what generates everything about the seed! Set it up as a bidwar. Could do a goal of $X to watch the cutscenes in the run, which we usually skip. This would add maaaaaaybe five minutes to the estimate. I should be available Friday after 6pm CST through the whole weekend. Shouldn't really be up for the late late late hours or the super early ones. Of course, I'd know more about how free I am once we get closer.
PikAsrielPikAsriel Pokemon Tetris Endless mode: 50,000 points 0:20:00 PKMiNi USA Link It is because I want to be special as there are a few runs of playing tetris in online speedrun activities. 0 For Sunday, I am available in 9:00 a,m, to 6.p.m (GMT+8). For Friday, Saturday and Monday, I am available in 3:00 p.m. to 6 p.m. (GMT+8)
PikAsrielPikAsriel Wagamama Fairy Mirmo de Pon! Taisen Mahō-Dama Taisen Puzzle-Dama 0:35:00 GBA JPN Link I think even though it is not famous for most people, but there are a few people running not famous game in online activities as I want to be special. 0 For Sunday, I am available in 9:00 a,m, to 6.p.m (GMT+8). For Friday, Saturday and Monday, I am available in 3:00 p.m. to 6 p.m. (GMT+8)
PikAsrielPikAsriel Kirby: Squeak Squad 100% 3:00:00 DS USA Link It is famous game and it is a good game for speedrunning. 0 For Sunday, I am available in 9:00 a,m, to 6.p.m (GMT+8). For Friday, Saturday and Monday, I am available in 3:00 p.m. to 6 p.m. (GMT+8)
PikAsrielPikAsriel Deltarune Any% 1:20:00 PC USA Link It is a famous game and there are a lot of people as well as it is good for marathon. 0 For Sunday, I am available in 9:00 a,m, to 6.p.m (GMT+8). For Friday, Saturday and Monday, I am available in 3:00 p.m. to 6 p.m. (GMT+8)
EdHeadSREdHeadSR Pokémon Red/Blue Any% Glitchless 2:20:00 GBA USA Link I am able to get decent times and am consistent enough to go under estimate. I am knowledgeable on the games and can explain the tricks. My PB is 2:06, but i have linked an old marathon run 5 Bidwars name for player, squirtle and nidoking Saturday and Sunday from 1 PM Newfoundland time onward
SuperViperT302SuperViperT302 Super Mario Galaxy 2 Any% 3:15:00 Wii USA Link SMG2 Any% entails collecting 70 Stars to unlock Bowser's Galaxy Generator, then getting the Grand Star from there to finish the game. Within those 71 Stars, there are crazy gravity exploits, momentum abuse tricks from moving platforms, crazy boss strategies, and of course, the use of Yoshi's infinite flutter glitch to cross otherwise impossibly large distances. While a bit lengthy, there's plenty of downtime to allow for in-depth explanations of everything that happens in the run and even for donations here and there. I am currently 2nd place for this category and have run this in many marathons before (including SGDQ 2019), all to positive reception. (was ran at SS4C W-18, 5, and 6, but there's been a number of small optimizations since its last showcase, my consistency has improved, and my PB has dropped by almost a full minute with possible sub 3 potential soon) 0 The Perfect Run (6:00): Try to avoid placing me anywhere from 8 AM to 4 PM (CST) on weekdays, but on weekends I should be a-ok any time (graveyard shift only if 100% needed)
SuperViperT302SuperViperT302 Pac 'n Roll Remix Any% 0:27:00 Wii USA Link Most Pac-Man games have severely underrated speedruns, and this game is no exception. Released in 2007 (and rereleased in 2010) as a Wii update to the DS game of origin, PnRR features Namco's iconic ball... literally as a ball. The run consists of going through all 25 levels as quickly as possible, which involves rolling Pac-Man around at the speed of sound whilst collecting Pac-Dots to get past the many Golvis Gates scattered throughout, a few of which are skippable. The game's updated physics allow for many different exploits that speed up the run dramatically, such as the ability to boost on lava, being able to fall large distances to skip huge portions of vertical levels, and using a broken Light Pac power-up to allow for huge sequence breaks. With these crazy exploits, combined with non-stop fast-paced gameplay and a variety of optimizations over the past few years, I, as the world record holder for this game, believe this game is a must-have for any marathon. (was last shown at SS4C W-18) 0 Try to avoid placing me anywhere from 8 AM to 4 PM (CST) on weekdays, but on weekends I should be a-ok any time (graveyard shift only if 100% needed)
SuperViperT302SuperViperT302 Super Mario 64 70 Star 0:55:00 N64 USA Link Without a doubt one of the most popular speedgames out there. SM64 is widely known for its insane tricks, tight jumps, and for having some of the most technical movement in any speedgame ever, with new optimizations continuing to be found left and right. 70 Star completes the game as fast as possible without using glitches to skip any star doors (meaning no BLJs or MIPS Clips allowed), and showcases some of the fastest and most technical stars in the entire game. (was last shown at SS4C-6) 0 1 Star bonus run (15:00) - an example is in the submission video I used Try to avoid placing me anywhere from 8 AM to 4 PM (CST) on weekdays, but on weekends I should be a-ok any time (graveyard shift only if 100% needed)
FunbilFunbil Kirby's Epic Yarn Any% 1:40:00 WiiU USA Link kirby cute funbil commentary awesomesauce very awesomeb really awesome speedrun 0 whenever is fine idc
KrystalSM64KrystalSM64 Disney's 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue All Levels 0:41:00 PS USA Link This run should be shown at SS4C because it's a very fun game 1 September 4th, 10:00 - 17:00 GMT-5
BashPrimeBashPrime Metroid Prime 2: Echoes 100% 2:55:00 GCN USA Link The first Metroid Prime has its fast movement and broken mechanics, but Metroid Prime 2 is absolutely more broken than the first game. Echoes 100% routes through a lot more of the game's content, including all but one of the bosses, and features a lot of movement optimizations, a wide array of tricks, and a brutal gauntlet of platforming and boss strats in the first half of the run where health and ammo management is crucial to go fast and stay alive. With me at the controls, this run is both cool and comfy. 3 View the "Hear the words of O-Lir" cutscene I have full availability Friday through Sunday. I will be unavailable Monday from 8:00am to 5:00pm PDT.
jeremythompsonjeremythompson Spyro: Year of the Dragon 100 Egg 1:00:00 PSTV USA Link Spyro 3 is a classic platfomer for PlayStation with a wealth of glitches and interesting routing. 0 I'll make it work if accepted. Slot me in to any time.
ZennanZennan Super Mario Odyssey All Post Game Flags 0:21:00 Switch Link Super Mario Odyssey is known for having alot of downtime in many of the categories. However, this category is an exception. This is a category full of non stop movement trying to collect every checkpoint flag in the game as fast as possible. It’s very jam packed with complicated movement, cool tricks, and more. 2 6th from 11am pst to 9pm pst
Yoda_CageYoda_Cage Kororinpa: Marble Mania All Normal Levels NG+ 0:32:00 Wii USA Link Kororinpa is a largely forgotten launch title for the Wii. It's a classic game in the ball-rolling/marble genre, but with a twist: all movement is controlled by the tilting of the Wiimote, with full 360 degrees of control. This type of control allows for very precise gameplay and many crazy skips by jumping across levels. Overall, it's an intense run that's very visually entertaining. I've been playing this game for many years off and on since I was a kid, so I know I would be able to pull off a good run in the marathon. I hope I'll have the chance to do so! 3 Unfortunately, this game doesn't have very much extra content, so there aren't many great incentives for me to suggest. I'll add some later if I think of any good ones! 9/4, 7PM-2AM 9/5, 2PM-10PM All times EST I might have more availability on Friday, not sure atm because I don't know my final exam schedule. I'll update if needed.
mrlink2kmrlink2k Undertale Neutral 1:00:00 Linux USA Link Fun game with many cool glitches/tricks 5 Weekdays from 5pm edt-9pm, weekends from 12pm-9pm
KirtharKirthar Blazing Chrome Arcade Mode (Normal) 0:32:00 PC Link Blazing Chrome is a "run 'n gun" type of game made with inspiration from classics such as Contra and Metal Slug. Just like in those games, you die in one hit and can lose your equipped weapon and power-ups, so deaths can be very punishing in this butt-clenching speedrun. 2 Character selection bidwar: Mavra vs Doyle September 4th (9:00 AM PDT) through September 6th (1:00 PM PDT)
ZennanZennan Super Mario Odyssey Koopa Freerunning RTA 0:22:00 Switch USA Link Koopa Freerunning RTA is a very exciting category full of fun tricks and technical movement. You must complete all 13 koopa freerunning races as fast as possible, and since it is base on real time, you actually get to see different strategies used for the races than you would the world records. It's great to watch everything together. 0 6th from 11am pst to 9pm pst
PetePlaysTheGamesPetePlaysTheGames Vertiginous Golf Initiation 0:15:00 PC USA Link I feel minigolf games are generally not run much, let alone shown at marathons. Luckily, Vertiginous Golf offers more than just "aim and shoot the ball" with options to control the ball after hitting, chip shots, free stroke opportunities, and some other fun bits! 2 Not really much to offer here, unless X dollars donated equals a full power shot on the spot? Could be a chance for viewers to troll the run. (would still finish under estimate unless a LOT of donations come in) 10am-11pm, aside from Thursday night (Critical Role!) I might be working until 6pm but I can finagle out of that if need be!
PetePlaysTheGamesPetePlaysTheGames I Dream of You and Ice Cream Beat the Game 0:35:00 PC USA Link Short and straightforward puzzle game with some creepy elements to it. I enjoy that there is no audible or written dialogue in this game so it can be enjoyed by anyone that can see it. Definitely a story-based run! 2 10am-11pm Central, every day but Thursday (Critical Role!) I might be working until 6pm but can get the day off to get my run in if need be. (My work is pretty dang flexible!)
RazorflameRazorflame Etterna Showcase (Exhibition) 0:40:00 Link I've been playing Etterna and Stepmania for a long time now, and while I'm not the best player in the world, I still think that I can show some good things off during this exhibition. There will be many mods that I will showcase that will make the game harder to play and complete well, and I will showcase a variety of songs from pretty easy to fairly difficult. I will hopefully have a dedicated commentator for this. **NOTE: Incentive will be for hand-cam for this showcase** 2
RazorflameRazorflame Nintendo Puzzle Collection (Panel de Pon) VS COM EASY - V-HARD 1:55:00 GCN JPN Link This game takes all of the other Puzzle League games that I have submitted and puts all of them to shame. This game has some of the toughest computer opponents you can play against in any Puzzle League type game, as well as the hardest AI manipulation in any Puzzle League game to pull off. This game can also showcase what an incredible Puzzle League player can really do when they have to deal with opponents that can throw mystery chains and other constant garbage at them at all times and can really be entertaining to watch at higher levels of play. 2 12PM-7PM CDT
teddyrasteddyras No Delivery Any% 0:30:00 PC USA Link it's a haunted chuck e cheese rpg I figured out how to break despite it being a hybrid roguelite/rpg. It turns out you can mitigate a lot of the random chance with good resource management and a good character. 0 pizza topping choice: 1) cheese 2) anchovies 3) pineapple 4) pepperoni 5) boneless gives a different dialogue choice at the beginning of the run where the manager roasts you based on your choice, doesnt affect time. weekdays: after 6:30pm pacific time weekends: between 11am and 2am pacific time
teddyrasteddyras QT Full Game 0:35:00 PC USA Link · ◡ · on the surface it looks like just a cute little game, but below the surface, it's full of so much crazy stuff, secrets, puzzles, etc. This All Achievements run shows off all 3 of the games within the game, 1) is silent hill PT, but cute, 2) is a musuem and is actually a highly optimized run, 3) is a big giant crazy island full of cute weirdness. 0 secret showcase: I'll show off a bunch of my favorite secret rooms and the weird thing you have to do to unlock the secret 4th game. will need an extra 5 minutes. knock the whale down from the ceiling: there's a big whale, I knock it down · ◡ · (takes idk, 30 seconds, can do within estimate) weekdays: after 6:30pm pacific time weekends: between 11am and 2am pacific time
teddyrasteddyras Fight Crab All Stages NG+ Early Access 0:40:00 PC USA Link Giant crabs wrestle each other, free for all, no rules, weapons ok, kamehamehas allowed. 0 crab color: red, blue, green, purple, steel partner crab: mud crab, coconut crab, lobster, a copy of my crab weekdays: after 6:30pm pacific time weekends: between 11am and 2am pacific time
8BitisGr88BitisGr8 Mega Man X6 All Stages 0:50:00 GCN USA Link X6 is the last of the PS1 X games, often seen as rushed and unwanted X6 is the black sheep of the 2d X games. Speedwise it is the most broken yet with tons of glitch abuse, quick kills, upgrades, and slick movement throughout the stages. With just enough rng to make it annoying but not trivial, X6 is a really well balanced speedgame with lots entertainment value all around. 0 CDT/ available anytime outside of: Friday starting at 4pm to 10pm and on Saturday and Sun from 7am to 4pm
DonatellodadonkeyDonatellodadonkey Skylanders: Trap Team Any% 2:15:00 PS4 Link It is glitchy, colorful, and a wonderful installment to the toys to life series that startd it all, Skylanders! (Side note: I may need a restream of my direct ps4 stream) 0 Donations to either name Boom Jet as "Mal for Mod", "donate6", or "Wyatt Wyvern." Monday at 8am eastern standard time Thursday-Saturday at 6pm eastern standard time
RazorflameRazorflame DemonCrawl All Quests (Normal, No HDFS) 1:55:00 PC USA Link DemonCrawl is an insane combination of RPG, Puzzle, and Roguelike that is really a treat to watch. At high levels, the amount of brain power and thinking required is off the charts as you have to think fast and be able to deal with what is given to you. This is one of the most interesting games that I have literally ever played. Estimate given is extremely generous due to bad luck/RNG. 5 Daily, 12PM-7PM CDT
Rimato13Rimato13 Super Mario Sunshine Row Control Lockout Bingo 1:05:00 Wii JPN Link Lockout bingo is a fun and competitive format that varies from the usual speedruns and this would be a great chance to showcase it to new people. Paperario 0 September 4th-6th 2-5pm EDT
NightbarrelNightbarrel Star Wars: Racer Revenge Tournament Mode NG 1:00:00 PS4 USA Link Now this is podracing! You get to see through the eyes of Sebulba as he gets first in every race through sheer skill and speed tech. You even get to experience the thrill that is MOTION BLUR through going so fast, that you can't possibly look away...otherwise you'll crash and burn since you we're paying attention to the track in front of you. Anyway, it's podracing and it's good fast. 1 Incentive to turn announcer off (or on, maybe a bid war during the run, shouldn't affect estimate) Any day from 5pm-12am central time
NightbarrelNightbarrel Star Wars: Racer Revenge Tournament Mode NG+ 0:55:00 PS4 USA Link Now this is podracing! You get to see through the eyes of [DARTH MAUL] as he gets first in every race through sheer skill and speed tech. You even get to experience the thrill that is MOTION BLUR through going so fast, that you can't possibly look away...otherwise you'll crash and burn since you we're paying attention to the track in front of you. Anyway, it's podracing and it's good fast. 1 Incentive to turn announcer off (or on, maybe as a bid war, shouldn't affect estimate) Any day between 5pm-12am central time.
MegaAntManMegaAntMan Mata Nui Online Game Any% 0:50:00 PC USA Link This is a flash "click adventure" game made for the Bionicle series in 2001. This game has amazing graphical designs, along with neat tricks and hype RNG that people would enjoy. 1 All cutscenes. This would add roughly 5 minutes to the timer but should still stay within the 50 minute ETA. Not sure on Friday yet, but I'll be available all of Saturday and on Sunday I'll be available past 1 pm.
DragonMetalQueenDragonMetalQueen Mega Man X2 Any% (Console, Buster Only) 1:05:00 SNES JPN Link Mega Man X2 is an agressive fast paced platformer/shooter that promotes speed and agility along with good firepower and interesting boss AI These are the official Leaderboards for this game: 3 every $10 towards this game is an extra heart or tank I will collect that I am able to without use of boss weapons. By default, I will collect 2 subtanks and 4 hearts. Each item adds 4 seconds average. There are 8 Heart tanks and 4 sub tanks total. Friday and Saturdays after 10am eastern
tpspeedtpspeed Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Any% 3:40:00 PS4 USA Link Kingdom Hearts II is a much more fast paced and exciting run than the first game. New mechanics such as the drive guage and party limits, as well as a revamped combat system, make for an exciting watch. 5 Watch the Goofy dies cutscene (2 minutes). Yozora superboss (Kingdom Hearts III, 15 minutes) I'm available all day Saturday (though I will give notice if my work schedule allows earlier or later in the marathon).
GoomBayPackerGoomBayPacker Wii Sports Resort Category Extensions Golf Challenges: Giveup% 0:15:00 WiiU Link Due to 18 Holes exploding lately, I thought it would be fun to show off a surprisingly competitive challenge in 18 holes. 1 $10- Canoeing: Quack% (takes about 5 minutes at most) Any time on Saturday the 5th.
monkeysmbmonkeysmb Metroid: Zero Mission 100% 1:20:00 GBA JPN Link Metroid: Zero Mission 100% Normal is a run that is easy to learn, but hard to master. The top tier of the game is filled with great movement sections and tricks that are fun to do and for viewers who know nothing about the game to watch. 3 Available from 10am-8pm for commentary + run, available from 10am-12am for run
monkeysmbmonkeysmb Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg Any% 1:20:00 GCN USA Link Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg Any% is a challenging run that features high level movement similar to a 3D Mario game, out of bounds movement, and clips using enemies and multiple eggs. It's an easy run for new viewers to follow and a game that deserves a larger presence in the speedrun community. 3 Available from 10am-8pm for run + commentary, available from 10am-12am for run
PeterAfroPeterAfro Backyard Skateboarding any% (GOTY) 0:25:00 PC USA Link Feautres a wide variety of precise movement and crazy tricks/combos 0 Filename (limit 10 characters) 9AM-10PM EDT
PeterAfroPeterAfro The Fancy Pants Adventure: World 3 glitchless 0:20:00 Web USA Link Run fast run fancy 0 Pants color bid war (orange, red, blue, green) 9AM-10PM EDT
HDlaxHDlax Luigi's Mansion 100% 1:17:00 Wii JPN Link Luigi's Mansion is an intricate and heavily movement based speedrun, featuring a combination of RNG aspects, cool movement, and tricks. 100% tasks you with collecting all portrait ghosts, all boss, and getting 100 million G by the end of the run for it to count as 100%. A race of this category would also be very exciting, as it showcases the differing money routes used by runners. 5 Any% run following the completion of the 100% run 20 minute estimate
CosmoingCosmoing I Wanna Be The Pendulum Any% 2:10:00 PC USA Link cool fangame, p hard stuff, lots of variety, dl told me to submit 2 Anytime after 8PM EST on the Friday
PokeheroPokehero Pokémon Battle Revolution Any% Round 1 4:15:00 WiiU USA Link idk, I did it as PSRM tho that's kinda cool 0 File name Saturday/Sunday
PokeheroPokehero Pom Gets Wi-Fi Any% Happy End 0:15:00 PC USA Link funny dog kills god 0 Saturday/Sunday
RoxRox Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land Any% 0:45:00 WiiUVC USA Link KNIDL Any% is a high action, fast paced speedrun that showcases the pink puffball at its fastest. Using abilities such as Ball, Wheel, Hi-Jump, and many others, Kirby saves the world at record pace. 0 Upgrade to 100% (+5 minutes) Won't be available from 1AM-8AM ET due to family members being asleep.
RoxRox Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land 100% 0:50:00 WiiUVC USA Link KNIDL 100% has exploded in popularity due to a recent tournament, with the record coming down over a minute since last year. This is very similar to Any%, but we grab 17 switches along the way in order to fulfill the 100% requirements. Multiple mixes (4 frame tricks that everybody hates but adds an incredible amount of depth to the routing) are introduced for a more whole showcase of the game. 0 Not available 1AM - 8AM ET due to family members sleeping
RoxRox Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land Meta Knightmare 0:40:00 WiiUVC USA Link KNIDL Meta Knightmare puts the pink puffball in the backseat and let's our favorite antihero take the stage. Meta Knight can't use abilities, but with his trusty sword and his multiple movement options, this leads to one of the most fast paced and exciting speedruns out there. 0 Anything except 1AM - 8AM ET due to family members sleeping
RoxRox Super Mario Galaxy 2 Any% 3:30:00 WiiUVC JPN Link SMG2 Any% is one of the most underrated categories in the Super Mario series. Our favorite plumber explores the depths of the universe with our new friend Yoshi, not in the first game, who allows us to flutter with a ton of speed to skip over large areas of levels. 0 Everything except 1AM - 8AM ET due to family members sleeping
MatomotoMatomoto Super Monkey Ball 2: Monkeyed Ball 2 Story Mode All Levels 0:40:00 Wii USA Link d-rhb9jdr-9]pohbg0jmnsed]ghobmns]r[-poghbjmsed-hgy 0 Master (10:00) I can pretty much do any time but I'm also a restreamer and I need to sleep
SuperSuper Plants vs. Zombies Any% 3:40:00 PC USA Link NES suggested that I submit this run for the charity event this year, and I thought that would be a great idea. Plants vs. Zombies is a game that many are surprised to hear can be speedran at all. It's a very chill yet entertaining run which focuses more on decision making and strategies. The speedrun is not predetermined; instead, I have to adapt to what the game gives me, keeping each run fresh. The community is extremely supportive and will work to support the marathon and the run in a number of different ways. 0 Bidwars: Selecting the file name for the run Donation incentives: Turn on Mustache Mode, where all the zombies get mustaches (no additional time, would apply for the rest of the run) Preferable times listed below, but I am flexible (all times in Eastern Time): 12 PM-5 PM Friday 12:30 PM-5 PM Saturday 11 AM-5 PM Sunday
pinerpiner Sonic Adventure 2: Battle - Category Extensions All Stories All A Ranks 1:50:00 PC Link SA2 is dope 0 Glitch exhibition. any