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Hey all!

Submissions are finally open as of today at 4:30 PM (PDT)! As listed on the about page, they'll be open up until August 11th at midnight, which is a little under a month away from today, so you'll have plenty of time to consider what runs to submit!

If you do submit, please join our Discord server!

This thread serves as a guide for what you should be putting in the "Submit run" form, and for any possible questions that a runner may have.

Game: Self-explanatory.

Category: Self-explanatory.

Why should this be shown at Speed Stuff 4 Charity 6?: A short (less than 5 sentences) description of why you believe the run you're submitting would make a good fit. It's okay to leave this section blank, but filling it out helps!

Video: Self-explanatory. Please submit a video with your submissions.

Platform: What console your run will be on (some games are available on Wii and XBOX360, or PC and PS4, so pick the one you're running on).

Region: Self-explanatory.

Additional players: For co-op or races if you're submitting co-op runs or races. Please separate with commas if more than 2 players total.

Estimate: The absolute longest your run will take considering all "worst-case scenario" events, and still be able to finish within. Note: PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ESTIMATES IN RTA TIMING (REAL TIME ATTACK). DO NOT SUBMIT IGT (IN-GAME TIME) AS YOUR ESTIMATE.

Availability: If you have strict availability or requests (i.e.: I would prefer not to have a graveyard or early morning run), please put that here. I know the marathon is a little under 2 months away and it's hard to tell this early on what your schedule may be, but give the answer that will be as accurate as possible. If needed, please inform a marathon moderator of your availability changes.

Incentive suggestions: Suggest donation incentives, bid wars, possible co-op runs, or game races here. Be as descriptive as possible. Please separate each incentive or suggestion with a numbered list, pipe (this what you call pipe ---> | ), or 5 hyphens together (such as -----).

That should be everything! Once again, you have a little under a month from the day of this forum post to get your submissions in. Should you have any questions, please feel free to drop them down below!

Yes, I totally copy pasted this from the last marathon. #ModerationWorkIsHard

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