Speed Stuff 4 Charity 6 finished on .


Speed Stuff 4 Charity 6 is official! The dates for this year are August 30th (Friday) - Sept. 1st (Sunday). SS4C6 will be supporting The Trevor Project which is a organization focused on suicide prevention for LGTBQ+ youth. We're putting everything we earn through our marathon to help saving young lives via showcasing speedruns, glitch exhibitions, and more!

You can find helpful social media links on the left hand side under the title and image.

Run Submissions: July 14th (4:30 PM) - August 11th (11:59 PM)
Games List: No later than August 17th (11:59 PM)
Schedule: No later than August 24th (11:59 PM)

All times are in PDT (Pacific Daylight Time, UTC-7). These times are subject to change without notice on SRC, so please join our Discord community for all updates relating to the marathon!