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Hey all!

Submissions are finally open now! As listed on the about page, they'll be open up until Jan 20th, which is a little over two months away from today, so you'll have plenty of time to consider what runs to submit!

If you do submit, please join our Discord server here: Click on me!

This thread serves as a guide for what you should be putting in the "Submit run" form, and for any possible questions that a runner may have.

Game: Self-explanatory.

Category: Self-explanatory.

Why should this be shown at Speed Stuff 4 Charity - Winter 2018?: A short (less than 5 sentences) description of why you believe the run you're submitting would make a good fit. It's okay to leave this section blank, but filling it out helps!

Video: Self-explanatory. Please submit a video with your submissions.

Platform: What console your run will be on (some games are available on Wii and XBOX360, or PC and PS4, so pick the one you're running on).

Region: Self-explanatory.

Additional players: For co-op or races if you're submitting co-op runs or races. Please separate with commas if more than 2 players total.

Estimate: The absolute longest your run will take considering all "worst-case scenario" events, and still be able to finish within.

Availability: If you have strict availability or requests (i.e.: I would prefer not to have a graveyard or early morning run), please put that here. I know the marathon is 3 months away and it's hard to tell this early on what your schedule may be, but give the answer that will be as accurate as possible. If needed, please inform a marathon moderator of your availability changes.

Incentive suggestions: Suggest donation incentives, bid wars, possible co-op runs, or game races here. Be as descriptive as possible. Please separate each incentive or suggestion with a line break (see how this guide is formatted with a blank space in between each section? Do it just like that).

That should be everything! Once again, you have a little over two months from the day of this forum post to get your submissions in. Should you have any questions, please feel free to drop them down below!


Can I ask what/if I submitted to this before? I'm following the twitter but I don't remember doing a run, so if I submitted something before and it was rejected, it probably isn't any different now and would just get rejected again.



I wouldn't know about past submissions since I've only come to be staff on SS4C recently. However, with that being said, I don't think it's a fair assumption that you'd inherently have your runs rejected just because they weren't accepted in a prior SS4C marathon. You're more than welcome to submit this year, or you can always choose not to if you don't feel confident in your submissions. If you do choose to submit, just know that all the runs this year are being checked and talked about through our submission committee. We will be fair about the runs we accept and decline. That is something I can assure you of.