Any% - Tourist, All levels in 3h 05m 10s by EwilEwil - 3rd place

Didn't notice that my livesplit wasn't recorded, but this run is pretty bad anyway, so I'll fix it next time ?

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Name Duration Finished at
Jungle 1m 45s 000ms 1m 45s
Riverdance 1m 22s 000ms 3m 07s
M'Keke Village 3m 47s 000ms 6m 54s
Road to Ursul 3m 27s 000ms 10m 22s
Ursul Suburbs 4m 56s 000ms 15m 18s
Kukulele Prison 6m 06s 000ms 21m 25s
Ursul Gardens 6m 45s 000ms 28m 11s
Kwongo 0m 58s 000ms 29m 09s
Deadwood 1m 07s 000ms 30m 16s
Forsaken Compound 5m 07s 000ms 35m 24s
Branchester 3m 02s 000ms 38m 26s
Woodstock 4m 41s 000ms 43m 08s
Giant Junkyard 5m 10s 000ms 48m 19s
ZumZum 0m 56s 000ms 49m 15s
Hong-Pong 2m 34s 000ms 51m 50s
Wheels of Fortune 4m 05s 000ms 55m 55s
Chanolin Chambers 5m 34s 000ms 1h 01m 29s
Chanolin Temple 5m 03s 000ms 1h 06m 32s
Prince Chan 0m 53s 000ms 1h 07m 26s
Unreal Wasteland 6m 09s 000ms 1h 13m 36s
Doomed Canyon 2m 13s 000ms 1h 15m 49s
Boneyard 5m 51s 000ms 1h 21m 41s
Count Kleerofski 0m 25s 000ms 1h 22m 07s
Greendale 3m 04s 000ms 1h 25m 11s
Coast 2 Cost 5m 40s 000ms 1h 30m 52s
Kingsburg 2m 03s 000ms 1h 32m 56s
Royal Sewers 5m 45s 000ms 1h 38m 41s
Castle of Rock 5m 18s 000ms 1h 44m 00s
Floaterra 11m 54s 000ms 1h 55m 54s
Cecil 0m 54s 000ms 1h 56m 49s
Area 5100 3m 53s 000ms 2h 00m 43s
Command Center 4m 18s 000ms 2h 05m 02s
Freezepad 3m 00s 000ms 2h 08m 02s
Frostpost 2m 11s 000ms 2h 10m 14s
Hugo 2m 48s 000ms 2h 13m 03s
Siriusopolis Uptown 2m 44s 000ms 2h 15m 47s
Shield Generator 7m 24s 000ms 2h 23m 12s
Be Quick or Be Dead 2m 06s 000ms 2h 25m 18s
Welcome to the Jungle 2m 54s 000ms 2h 28m 13s
Jump in the Fire 1m 10s 000ms 2h 29m 24s
Siriusopolis Downtown 9m 10s 000ms 2h 38m 34s
Mental Institution 26m 36s 000ms 3h 05m 11s
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