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An alternate route for the kenzi activities mission set is after “pimps up hoes down” take the vulture from the crib then fly to the mayhem and land. Activate the mission then do it in the heli using the on board rockets trying to end as close as possible to trail blazing. After trail blazing drive around the corner to heli assault and as heli assault comes to the end fly towards “Ho boat” saying within the red circle not to fail.

This route is slightly faster than the OOB warp (15-30secs due to faster completion of mayhem) but there are more variables. There is a way to make the OOB route equally as fast by using a car to knock down the fences between the start point and the café where “killbane live” starts but it takes a bit of grinding to get down and even then 1 mistake will cost quite a bit of time.


Still working on new strats eh ? You're unbelievable man haha

This sounds pretty good though. I fucking hate Kinzie's Mayhem. Removing the OOB warp is pretty sad though. That was a pretty cool moment in the run.


TBH I haven't been actively working on SR3 for a couple of month. I was routing SR2 and tried it there and it worked well enough for me to try it then add it into both the any% and 100% route in SR3


The green line is a new Party time route this is a good 20-30 second improvement there is a part where you can take the stunt jump or take the road if the road is clear that is the better route but often there is quite a bit of traffic so taking the jump is better.

The pink line is the return to steelport route this is a new route which is better than the older one used

The red line is a new route going to kenzi’s guardian angel did some timing the Heli takes 1min15sec, the peacemaker take 1min 11 sec if driven pretty well but the vortex and temptress take 1min and 3 sec if driven well so between the peacemaker and Heli it is preference but if you get a temptress or vortex driving is the better option

The yellow line is a new gangbang driving route not only is it 15 secs quick it is far safer as less road blocks spawn and it is basically straight lines. Another little improvement I have found for that mission is that when you go to the police car instead of going through the doors leading outside go to the corner of the room just to the right of the doors and you can clip through the wall into the car.

The blue line is a new route for my name is Cyrus Temple it is a good 20secs plus quicker and like the new gangbang route it is safer as you don’t need to make turns in areas with quite a bit of traffic.

The purple marks on the map are areas with heli spawns I try using them but they are always slower overall as getting to them often means going away from the destination and their speed isn’t quick enough to make up for it

Here are the 4 possible routes to Genki activity

The fastest is the brighter green line though it does involve a bit of a risk as you have to drop from the freeway to the bridge below, it will take a few attempts to get a reference point but it is very consistent and far quicker.

The next best is the blue line this also involves a bridge drop but is far more forgiving as there is no risk of driving into the sea.

The lime and cyan lines are the safe variance of the 2 above the cyan is faster but if you are seeking to get a decent time the green and blue routes are the way to go.


Saints Row! YAY!

The Kinzie mission order looks fun but I will also miss the oob route 🙁 But if it will make Granade Mayhem easier...i can live with that.
For the Genki activity i like the lime route more because in my experience there's a higher chance to get a temptress/vortex or Attrazione at that area.

How faster is the pink route compared to the old one?


The Blue and Cyan line has an increased chance for the Attrazione while Green and lime have a better chance for temptress/vortex.

The Lime route will only have a better chance over Green of getting temptress/vortex or Attrazione due to it being longer (upto 40 plus secs longer) I would advise learning the bridge jump in the green route in any case for runs that have a slow start it maybe the difference between a reset or not.

On average Pink route is 15ish secs quicker and I also find it to be easier as traffic isn't as dense.


So apparently we (me and hoxiu) got Stag Film to softlock...

In the final segment where you're supposed to shoot Cyrus down, he just left the scene (flew backwards out of our range).

Besides that one which I can't explain, we've had another glitch that can be explained - Gang Bang rooftops
Basically, you can jack the very first VTOL that approaches you by spamming E. But if you mash too much (or you are not careful) you can leave the VTOL right after you enter it, leaving it levitating in midair. Thing is, if it's left like that, the mission won't progress. If you don't leave it for some time after you get in, you're fine - the mission should progress fine.

Also minor thing. female characters are faster


Correction: Female Characters seem faster. We haven't really tested it fully yet.


Here is a lot of the notes I have made on SR3, alongside all other saints row games. There is currently no runs that have used the most up to date route which is around 6mins quicker than dittos run.


I'm thinking of maybe coming back to this.
I guess I'll have to learn all those strats you came up with Sellz. 🙂
I was already behind the most recent strats 4 years ago, so this should be fun

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There isn't too much to learn since you last played. A few mission order differences and slightly different place to buy weapons with the reduced weapon price trick. Sub 3:40 RT is pretty free and you could get close to 3:30 with good car RNG.


A possible time save for Gangbang, will need testing and optimizing. I am on console so loading and general game play is slower than PC and I am rusty as hell playing but I am faster than ditto's PB so has potential. The main thing that needs to be tested is where to drop the Condor where it can be picked up quickly and not be despawned.

The strat as follows;

Play the mission as normal until the checkpoint just before Oleg needs to be revived.
Get in the Condor that flies over and when that checkpoint flashes up restart mission from checkpoint. When you restart the Condor will be parked on the roof.
Revive Oleg, then get in said Condor which is now full operational and fly to an elevation that will allow you to parachute out and still land back on the roof letting the Condor fall onto the road below (This can be done in the time waiting for Voila to open the Elevator so no time loss)
Get in the elevator and instead of taking the Peacemaker take the Condor.

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Confirmed that this can be done
I've tried to store this Condor for later use during My Name Is Cyrus Temple, but not only it's despawned after the mission ends, but you're not able to store it at all, even though the game prompts you to do so.
Video with explanation on how to

On topic of new finds, I've figured out a way to get early rockets.
At the end of Party Time you have to yeet your helicopter away form the lieutenant's heli, interrogate and kill him, and take his heli. After that you fly up to the RL-wielding Morningstar to the right, jump out of the heli, kill them and take the rocket launcher. The timing is kinda tight, but it can be done easily with practice.
Later in the run at Takeover the City instead of upgrading grenades you bring up the RL to level 2 and use it instead of nades. The benefit of that is having more explosives (9 rockets vs 4 grenades), easier aiming (grenades tend to bounce in mysterious ways) and $13500 in the pocket for later (since you don't have to buy rockets in the first place).
You can see it here in action:
I get the rockets during the fade, and just before picking up GA you can see them on the weapon wheel.


I'm kind of surprised to hear that early rockets is a new thing. I used a different method in my run from a couple years ago, but I guess it went under the radar. 😛

Specifically, I just get one from a rooftop shooter right before the end of the Party Time chase. It's fairly simple to touch down on the roof and take care of business without losing the chopper, and it's all during waiting time anyway. Probably no time difference either way, but it's neat to have multiple ways to do the same thing.

Possibly worth mentioning the couch warp at the end of Nyteblade's Return from that run too. I've never watched much of any other runs since I like to blind route, but maybe it's useful? You can warp to the bottom floor of the lobby by diving off the second couch on the left during the elevator section. From there, you just need to go halfway up some stairs to enable the elevator trigger for the next section. Might not be that useful on Casual, but it certainly saves some pain on Hardcore since you end up mostly skipping a wave of enemies.

Also, I found a minor skip for Trojan Whores a couple years ago. You can skip turning the power back on if you're airborne when you take out the last sniper. Might not be useful since it requires already having a chopper in your helipad, but throwing it out there. I recorded a video, but never uploaded it. Let me know if it sounds useful at all and I could plop it on YouTube or something.


A few more minor strats

In http: restarting the mission from checkpoint just before you jump on the back will skip the mashing part. Literally a couple of seconds saved.

If the getting the heli from Penthouse route is quicker to MNICT then you may as well go to the park and take the Condor.

Also using the Spector in Zombie attack is slightly quicker than oppressor


It there is a way to consistently stay on the floating bike as it falls it would be a time save over the drive to Angel's location in return to Steelport.

You would play as normal until carts are destroyed then drive to floating bike location, get on it and fall through the world and respawn about 400 meters away from the Gym and continue as normal.


do you mean the Specter (My Name Is unlock/Moneyshot DLC) which also can only hold 1 person?

The issue with it is that it's a 1 person vehicle, meaning you can't take NPCs with you cuz they won't even rubberband to you


This is what I mean from 1 min on but start is example of the issue with the strat


Interesting, gonna check and time that.

Also in http exactly which mashing part are you supposed to restart at?