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Not a bad idea! And congrats on the sub 5 PB/WR 🙂


Cheers FAR, PB yes, sub 5 debatable, WR no. As much as I would love to claim it no video of the run = no WR it would be too open to abuse plus we work on RTA no IGT. If this record counts I could claim to have SR3 any% and 100% and SR4 any% as well lol


haha i suppose that's true. Only reason I say WR is that I think that you can totally make the case that it's the fastest time just between us because I bet we're the only runners ever and if we accept it(as I would) then it's okay. 😛

But yeah, I know what you mean. Somehow forgot that sub-5 on IGT != sub 5 RTA... lol


I tried the Nuclear Power Plant Island Mayhem and it is looking like it will take far too long for the benefits of the Annihilator to be worth it. The first problem is that after level 1 the site of the Mayhem switches so you lose the Tornado if you continue to level 2. That can be overcome by exiting the activity then flying to the new location of the activity but that is extra time to add to having to do the activity. The next issue is the same as the other Mayhem in that after level 4 you need to get the correct areas otherwise it is time consuming and it opens up the possibility of failing the activity. If we could have force restarted it and kept the Tornado it may have been viable but as we can’t sadly it isn’t worth doing the activity.

My route is pretty much done I’ll finish the tweaks to it over the weekend and I should post it in here sometime Monday evening for you to make improvement to it as you see fit hopefully we can get a good consistent route established done so runs can be done.


I now know for sure that the theoretical fastest route is the power plant island Mayhem realistically 11-12mins is the target to make the Annihilator worth getting which is more than possible. Properly 10mins is the kind of time it could be done consistently if you are knowledgeable of which specific route to take to keep the combo up which I’m just not at this time, any assistance on this would be most welcome.

The first 4 levels are fine to do quick regardless of the location I can get them done in 5-6mins the problem is doing levels 5 and 6 quickly. Finishing them isn't that much of an issue it more the time they take me to do so. I’m going to grind this activity out see if I can get it to a consistent 11mins when that is the case this activity will replace the prison fight club as the 3min lost in straight up speed different between them is offset with the Annihilator giving 4mins plus back in time save with 2mins alone in The Enemy of my Enemy preventing too many vehicles creating horrific frame rate lag.


Last run until the New Year ended with a new PB which I’m very happy with.

Went rather well took 3 resets to get the Tornado spawn so 45mins to get a run going. Insurance Fraud took 5min, Fuzz took 11, Mayhem 10, Demo derby was the fastest I have ever completed it in 7 and fight club was slowish in 10mins.

I got lucky in File in the Cake as there was a heli that was closer just outside the last gate which I took for a time save.
This was evened out as for some reason I didn’t get my oppressor reward meaning I had to take the Tornado to the Saint’s stronghold mission and bring back Maero and Carlos in a car in First Impressions then taking a taxi to Riot Control. Not sure what the time difference in doing that way or even if it is a time loss but still threw me off.

Mayhem took 2 mins longer that prison fight club but the Annihilator saved 4mins in The Enemy of my Enemy and Showdown alone and made the ...and a Better Life rocket strat basically un-missable saving a min.

My route is as follows there are certain points that are interchangeable and the reason I do then I the particular order is often just out of habit. I haven’t gone through and fine-tuned each mission route and micro-strated them so I’m sure there is time to be gained.

SR1 Jailbreak.

SR2 Appointed Defender.

Race twice for 1 level of respect.

SR3 Down Payment.

Listen to wire taps and get tornado (not there reset?) (Call Dex before getting in the heli and get the Ultor icon on the mini map I have had time
where his number disappears if left and have had to listen to the wire taps again which is a 3mins of lost time) save it at safe house.

Insurance Fraud 3 levels fly to first in tornado then use SOB airport strats. SW after.

SR4 Three Kings IH.

S1 Got Dust, Will Travel IH.

U0 Revelation IH after grab a car form the road drive to the bike shop and
buy 30k worth of bikes for level 6 style. SW after.

Fuzz Projects District to level 6.

R1 Saint's Seven IH.

R2 Laundry Day. SW after grab Kobras if you have done already you will be in the apartment crib.

RS Suburbs Strip Club IH.

R3 Road Rage IH.

S2 File in the Cake IH.

S3 Airborne Assault.

R4 Bleeding Out.

RS Humbolt Park Science Museum.

RS Amberbrook Museum Pier TT SW after.

SS Bavogian Plaza Drug Labs IH blow up the heli on the roof land then do the inside parts after

But 30k car from foreign power near the stadium

SS Stilwater University Student Union

Mayhem Nuclear Power Plant Island. IH after level 1 leave the activity then fly to the main land location of the activity otherwise heli is lost. SW after level 6 pickup the Annihilator when you can.

S4 Veteran Child IH

R5 Orange Threat Level SW after get heli

S5 Burning Down the House IH

S6 Bad Trip

SS Sunnyvale Gardens Fishing Dock IH after bomb is set on the boat during countdown get back in fly to next mission

R6 Kanto Connection IH

S7 Bonding Experience TT

R7 Visiting Hours

R8 Room Service IH

SS Elysian Fields Trailer Park IH grab Satchel Charge

R9 Rest in Peace

RS New Hennequet Rec Center TT

Taxi to foreign power buy 70k cars until level 8 style taxi to demo derby SW after

R10 Good D

SRS Go there in the oppressor

B1 First Impressions take the above ground option and use oppressor to fly back

S8 Riot Control fly to mission in the oppressor there is a chance to get the
GAL 43 from a bum so be on the lookout for it

S9 Eternal Sunshine IH

S10 Assault on Precinct 31 IH

S11 The Shopping Maul IH SW after

R11 One Man's Junk... IH

Taxi to foreign power buy 100k cars until style 9 Do stadium fight club SW after

B2 Reunion Tour IH after car 4 fly to the start of next stronghold while escaping

BS Sommerset Apartments

B3 Waste Not Want Not Little trick when you enter the boat pull up the map the triangle on the island is where the nuclear waste will be so you can go straight to it.

B4 Red Asphalt IH

BS Imperial Square Pagodas TT

BS Poseidon Alley Docks TT SW after

B5 Bank Error in Your Favor IH Little trick when you grab Jessica after she turns of the alarm run straight to the front door it is possible to get out the
door before swat comes in blocking it.

B6 Thank You and Goodnight!

B7 Retribution IH I like to leave the roof of the car park until last so you end nearer to next mission

B8 Jail Bait IH

BS Wardill Airport Hangars I use the Satchel Charge to blow up the vehicles plant all 8 then blow them up this way the airplane don’t start to move SW after

B9 The Enemy of my Enemy IH only use tornado on the 3rd wave otherwise the game will soft-lock stock up on rockets SW after

B10 The Siege SW after

B11 Showdown

U Cutscene TT SW after

U1 Picking a Fight IH

US Rounds Square Shopping Center TT SW after

U2 Pyramid Scheme IH SW after

U3 Salting the Earth...Again IH

U4 ...and a Better Life Little trick don’t get straight in the car jump on top when the limo starts to move shot the limo with 3 rockets this will do the full
required damage and it will go straight to the Phillips building saving a min over chasing it using guns.

IH = Use tornado
TT = Taxi there
SW = Save warp/ load the auto save
SR = saint mission (S for stronghold)
B = Brotherhood
S = Samedi
R = Ronin
U = Ultor

A key part of the route is to always be trying to get respect during missions with gun streaks each level needs 8k and each 3 gold star streak is worth 300-500 for something you do anyway destroying gang vehicles is another big gainer don’t go out you way to do these just be mindful of doing them.

Tags are worth picking up if they are right there at 550ish a go. I normally end with 7-9 depending on my respect levels near the end.

In the last brotherhood stronghold and last 3 brotherhood missions it is important to keep your respect up with lots of streaks, where to do so is obvious, you need to have 5 levels after Showdown.


ughhh I wanna get back to filling out my route as well so I can compare!! I started like 2 weeks ago, now and have been busy since. Just another week or so till I get a break! cmoooooon. So far, I'm doing more activities earlier, after S1 (and doing Revelations earlier) but I think I have generally the same route up till the Science Museum. I haven't decided if I should do the Pier Stronghold after that or not, since it might be better to hold off.

I also am not sure if tags are worth it. I feel like the first level of any activity would be faster than doing the equivalent of the tags.


Hello. I've been interested in learning this game for a while now, and I'm glad people have worked on a route and also plan on running the game. Unfortunately I don't have enough time to spare for a 5+ hour run, with school and stuff it really just complicates things and I don't have the time. I suggest if we make shorter sub-categories like Ronin%, Brotherhood% and Samedi% then I would happily run them categories and it may attract other runners if the runs are shorter.


That actually sounds pretty awesome! Similar to the Trevor%, etc. categories for gta5. I agree that runs are kinda long so that'd make things pretty sweet. I'm kind of in the same boat with school so that totally appeals to me, though I'd definitely wanna run the full game as well when I can.


I've always said I have no issue adding more misc categories so long as there is a demand for them, some degree of validity to them and if there is competition for them even better. In saying that, I do feel adding too many where only 1 or 2 people run them will be detrimental and look gimmicky.

Couple of questions about running the separate story arches will have to be answered before we add it/them as a misc categories because they would fall in to a weird area where they are not practice for a full game run and as such you wouldn't want to do the prologue type mission before but I see no reason why it would be out of the question to add them.

Type up how you want the rules to be for them, e.g. would it be a NG+ with a pre determined load state removing the need for us to do activities, and put them in the Community decisions input wanted thread for others to cross examine and comment on and we will go from there.


I'm honestly not too fussed about the rules so I'd rather other people come up with rules which suit everyone. I think NG+ would be a good plan to start with...


I was thinking that, for Ronin%, Samedi%, etc, it'd start from the very beginning, same as the others. What would NG+ mean specifically?


New Game+. You start from a file you've already saved on.


Oh I know what it stands for but we'll discuss specifics in the thread that Sellz opened 🙂


When does the timer start for these games? On hitting the button after player creation? Or some time later?


@Far The starting points for the timer for all the Saint Row 2 Categories, currently, are the same. It is as soon as you gain control of your character after the character creation screen. This will be the case for all NG runs unless otherwise stated, though I can’t think of a reason why we would deviate from it. The only time I can see any other starting point for the timer would be if there are ever any NG+ categories introduced.


Alright. I'll do some runs that way to see how it stacks up against starting on confirming player creation, since that was how I've been starting my timer.


Just finished exams and finished doing my own route for Any%, just to compare at the very least. I'll write it up here and we can compare strats and decisions.

I finished (not an actual run but a lot of sitting and thinking about efficiencies) with an IGT of 6:11 and 62% done. I hit near 0 respect (had to do 1 tag at the end to get the full amount) at the end too. goes

IF till lvl 3
SR4 (in tornado)
Samedi 1 (in tornado)
Foreign Power to buy a car (in tornado, immediately afterwards)
UD FC (use tornado, cause we're right there)
Prison FC (obviously use tornado to get to)
Fuzz (in tornado, after save warping)
Get Kobras
Ronin 1 --from this point on, I can't remember if I used a tornado for the missions or not.
Ronin 2
Suburbs Strip Club Stronghold
Ronin 3
Samedi 2
Samedi 3
Ronin 4
FP to buy another car
Humbolt Park Science Museum Stronghold
Samedi 4
Stilwater Caverns
Brotherhood 1
Brotherhood 2
Sommerset Apartments Stronghold
Brotherhood 3
Brotherhood 4
Imperial Square Pagodas
Samedi 5
Samedi 6
Brotherhood 5
Ronin 5
Wardill Airport Hangers Stronghold
Brotherhood 6
Samedi 7
Ronin 6
Bavogian Plaza Drug Labs Stronghold
Samedi 8
Amberbrook Museum Pier Stronghold
Ronin 7
Samedi 9
Ronin 8
Brotherhood 8
Stilwater University Student union Stronghold
Demo Derby
Sunnyvale Gardens Fishing Docks Stronghold
Samedi 10
Elysian Fields Trailer Park Stronghold
Ronin 9
New Hennequet Rec Center Stronghold
Ronin 10
Brotherhood 9
Samedi 11
Brotherhood 10
Ronin 11
Brotherhood 11
Ultor 1
Rounds Square Shopping Center Stronghold
Ultor 2
Ultor 3
Ultor 4

I'm sure this isn't entirely optimized but I think it's pretty decent and when we compare to what we have it'll get even better. RNG can easily affect the Respect so I'll probably need to put in another 3 levels or so of Mayhem close to the end.

EDIT: I forgot how your splits actually went until I just looked again. You do almost all of Samedi and Ronin before any Brotherhood. I'm not sure if that's more efficient or not but there's some things I take advantage of between the two that might save some time. For instance, Brotherhood's imperial square pagodas are pretty close to Samedi 5, Burning Down the House. And Brotherhood 6, Thank You and Good Night, lets out almost directly next to Samedi 7, Bonding Experience. And one more is that Brotherhood 9, The Enemy of My Enemy give you rockets that makes the last Samedi mission a breeze and you still have plenty for ...And A Better Life.

It just sucks to start the Brotherhood because they're so far away from everything else but there really isn't a good chance, even with Samedi 8 being right there.

But yeah, those are my strats for now. Do you see anything that could be improved upon? Anything I should be taking from Sellz's route? I do something way different with regards to Revelations and buying cars and I have no idea what's better and don't even know how to time that. Both work pretty well, IMO. I plan on recording some time between Christmas and New Year's, with any luck, so maybe my route will be clearer then, too.


About when to start the timer, also, I just couldn't get it consistent, starting it when you can move after the fade in too. It'd be close but could easily be as much as a second off. I would much rather it be changed to confirming after player creation but I might be the minority here. I'd just like to gauge some opinions on this.


The timer being started or finished 1 or 2 sec early or late isn't a massive deal I will adjusted times when they are submitted and verified as has been done in SR4 already. If there a massive outcry I will of course consider changing it but as for now keeping it in line with the other 3 Saints Row games makes sense.

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