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Thread: New runner - Category question

Started by: JimmyValhallaJimmyValhalla

If you are into it, that's cool, but I guess agreeing on what is all faces means is the hardest part.
- I think I agree with your approach where you only collect a face just once even though it respawns. going all the way back to the beginning will be so painful.
- Never use a bag as a shortcut, in secret bags with two exits always come back out the bag you came in.
- Don't recollect a face you already collected. (Haven't tested that yet)
- Would y'all want to hit all the professor faces in the sky for the coin it spawns?
- Lastly there are a few faces I've never figured out how to acquire, like in 1-3 and I think some in world 4-1. Maybe y'all know, and I'm just a dummy.


Forum: Felix the Cat (NES)

Thread: When to start timer?

Started by: square_wavesquare_wave

I've never actually read the rules on this game until just now and it says we start the timer when felix starts falling, but I've always started it when I press start game. I'm not sure how we decide which method we would like to use, so I'm hoping here is the place to ask that. Any thoughts from anyone?