Has anyone given any thought to standardizing the speed used, or at least providing a field for display of this information? The one run on here with any video at all seems to be running at max speed (either in DOSbox or ScummVM, I couldn't tell.)

If you look at the King's Quest V leaderboard, you'll note it has fields for the emulator used and the cycle count. (Their standard seems to be Max cycles, by the way. Quest for Glory seems to have standardized on 10000 cycles.) I kind of like picking a standard that doesn't depend as much on CPU speed, but with at least one existing run that went on Max, that might be harder. (By my timing, on my PC, Max cycles is about 3 minutes faster than 10000 cycles.)

I haven't submitted any runs, but I have been doing some offline and plan to submit one in a day or three.