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How come the rules state no emulator yet many runs are done on emulator?


This is the same question I was about to ask.


There are 3 runs currently on the boards that use emulator. All 3 of those runs were done before the rule standardization and changes about a year ago, so they were grandfathered in.

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what noname said. a bunch of the runs were done back when etd was just a joke. now that people take it seriously, due to the fact that dolphin is nowhere near accurate and many things on console dont work on it due to the fact that it can't properly emulate lag and other specifics, resulted in it being banned.

it's not the only thing thats banned btw. you can't play the game from a usb or sd card on a modded wii. you need to be using a legitimate or burned disc so each run has consistent timings, or at least as consistent as etd lets them be.

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yea what noname and pat said, emu runs are basically old af anyway and can be beaten (namely 100% WR) so we kept them

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