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Could the following categories be added to the spyro 1 misc. categories

80 Dragon


Stop being irrels PLEASE

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i like the 80 dragons idea.


reminder 80 dragons was my idea

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chargeless any% should also be a misc category in my opinion. Mega and I have already done runs, and I plan on doing more in the future.

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reminder i did an 80 dragons run before i watched cyber do his first spyro trifecta


thanks for the reminder


Hard to define what counts as a glitch.


Indeed. We'll see if they make any changes in the remaster if it ends up happening, and you might get your wish then.


thats enough out of u

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is it a glitch if i jump in the air then charge and quickly glide right after? @jonnybegood1213


I sure would hate to lose a run because I happened to charge into a fool at the same time he is becoming big.


When are we going to have IL 100% for all levels? Start timing on initial landing?
I can understand the flight levels have an in game timer, but don't see why the other levels can't be added?


If there was some sort of function in the remaster where it had an ingame time next to each level in the inventory saying how long you spent (like Banjo-Kazooie) then sure I'd play around with it, but since it'd be RTA timed I wouldn't compete myself. 120% is fairly short for a 100% spyro category and I'm fine just seeing a best segment and knowing I did well. They tried implementing a similar idea in Crash 2 IL leaderboard but it didn't take off and it turned out to be more effort that it was worth. If you'd like to do it yourself, there's nothing stopping you, but I would be shocked if it was added to considering IL flight times are already present.

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I appreciate your suggestion Jonny but at this time we will not be adding Individual Level leaderboards for non-flight levels.


@Jonnybegood1213 is typing...

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