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General Clarified Submission Rules

I. Visual Evidence Requirements
• All new submissions without video evidence require visual evidence.
• Accepted forms of visual evidence include screenshots/pictures of the completed splits for full-game categories and, for individual level categories, screenshots/pictures of the in-game results screen.
• Visual evidence should be linked in the “Comment” submission section.

II. Video Evidence Requirements
• A new submission that achieves a time in the top 50% requires video evidence unless more than 20 unique runners have submitted to the category. In this case, any time within the top 10 requires video evidence.
• Videos must be adequately complete.
• If the video is composed of multiple parts, only the first should be included in the “Video Link” submission section. The remainder should be included in the “Comment” submission section.

III. General Timing Requirements
• The initial and final splits must be consistent with the timing rules of the specific category.

IV. Timing Precision Requirements
• Full-game categories require timing precise to the second.
• Individual level categories are timed with the in-game timer.

V. Region and Platform Specification Requirements
• Region and platform specification is mandatory.

VI. Emulator Indication Requirements
• If an emulator was used, indication of that use is mandatory.
• If an emulator was used, specification of that emulator is mandatory and should be included in the “Comment” submission section.

VII. Pause Allowance
• One untimed pause is allowed for every two hours of gameplay.

VIII. Rejection Appeal Allowance
• If you believe your run was unfairly rejected, you may appeal the rejection by messaging a leaderboard moderator privately.

Note: Clarification of emulator rules will be available after the topic has been sufficiently discussed.

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For a while now the Spyro mods have been receiving a fair amount of run submissions that either have no evidence at all, or simply a comment for the submission that says something along the lines of "Splits are on my Twitter". We're not incredibly strict on the evidence or details for every single submission, but we do like to keep some form of consistency so that's what I'm hoping to address here.

Generally this is the order of evidence you should try to follow when you submit a run:
1. Video of the run via Twitch highlight or Youtube upload.
2. Splits of the run via or Imgur.
3. No visual evidence at all.

Firstly: video evidence. While it isn't mandatory for every single run to have video evidence (like a 3+ hour Spyro 1 120% run for example) it is very much preferred. For emulator players, video capture is incredibly easy with OBS and for console players with a capture card programs such as Amarec make video capture easy as well. If you have the option to record your runs, please do. If you would like to record your runs but you're not sure how, feel free to contact any of the mods and we'll gladly help you.

If you can't record video for whatever reason (console player without a capture card, emulator player with a low-end computer, etc) then that's okay but you will need to submit a link or an Imgur link of your completed splits from the run (completed meaning right after your run with the time saves/losses visible and not just any old set of splits). I understand that not everyone likes to run with splits all the time, but if you don't have a video of your run then this is pretty much all you can do.

In the case that you have no video of your run and no splits from your run either then it's up to the mods to discuss whether your run should be accepted or not based on things like how familiar we are with you as a runner and how your time ranks compared to other runs. We won't reject all runs without video evidence, but just don't be surprised if your run is rejected. Also: if we do reject a run for whatever reason, we always leave a comment explaining why the run was rejected to let you know.

Hopefully that cleared up some stuff, but feel free to contact any of the mods if there's anything you're curious about. 🙂

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Just furthering ty's point and including some more info about splits, srcom has alot of compatibility with other programs, namely LiveSplit and

Firstly, LiveSplit, if you right click and go on to Edit Splits, there'll be 3 tabs

"Real Time"
"Game Time"
"Additional Info"

In the additional info tab, if you have the game and category set up correctly, it will give a display of the rules of the category, and a few selection boxes for Region, platform, and Emulator Used, you can alter those to suit how you have done the run, then, below the "Uses Emulator" Button you can press submit run, that will then take you to a login page where you can login and authorise to submit runs through your username using LiveSplit, then you can (optionally attach a vid or a comment to it) and you're done

If your not using LiveSplit, putting your splits on is a another nice way to wub,it splits, upload your splits to, get the little code at the end of the URL and then paste it into the url box in the submission form and then submit (easier i feel)