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I was thinking today that it might be a good idea for all future submissions to include the credits that contain all of the times for the entire run. Although I hope no one would ever do this it is possible that somebody could splice together a segmented run and in that case the only way to help avoid this possibility is that we require the end credits to continue that shows all of the fighter times for the entire run. Any thoughts?


i don't feel someone is going to go through all that trouble to splice together videos and say this was my full run in PAL or NTSC for SPO there is so much work required for that and for someone to go through all that i'm pretty sure you'll be able to spot inconsistencies no matter how small


This would not require as much work as you may think. In fact this wouldn't be an individual fight, it would be a segment such as somebody spicing together only four different videos which can be done frame perfectly during screen transitions where there is no music. I would not be able to spot inconsistencies if it were done well. It is a reasonable suggestion to include the credits that have all your times together. The top three performances on this leaderboard follows this procedure and I think establishes a precedent for going forward.


Per mod discussion the following rule has been amended as of Thursday October 18th, 2018. All submissions made after this date will require this new rule, no exceptions.

"You must also show the entire credits sequence in your submission that lists all of the fight times you got in your run."


Yeah, so for just letting the credits roll, you add another layer of deterrence for potential splicing in the future. It's extremely easy to just keep recording after you win, so should be very simple to follow with the huge upside of helping to keep the leaderboards clean.

That being said, any runs that were submitted before this rule was added will stay, including the one submitted by dpad a few days ago, as it's not fair to remove/reject any runs that followed the already existing rules at the time of submission.

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