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In my most recent submission to the full-game (PAL) category it was pointed out to me that there's an odd spot near the end where the audio desynchs from the video. I went back and checked my original files and it turns out it happened during the file conversion/compression phase before uploading to youtube. I retried but ended up getting the same result. So then I tried just uploading the whole unconverted/uncompressed file and that one seems to be okay. If you'd like to change the link to that video the URL is:

If not I hope to have a better time to submit soon anyway.

Thanks very much for your time and effort here at the site. I'm having fun with it all and I really appreciate it.

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I did just post a better time so I guess it's moot.


I have another mod question so I'll just post it here. I noticed today that a run I submitted last night was verified but there are 3 others from a couple weeks ago that haven't been. I was just wondering if maybe the older ones weren't showing up properly or some other odd thing.