Pit% | Safe Route

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Safe method

Grab the mushroom before bestovious
Speak to bestovious gain flip ability
grab the two mushrooms before the coin block
grab as many coins from the block as possible
attempt to grab a fast flower or slow flower
Grind squiglets go for more than 20k points 30k is perfect

go up the ladder and grab the cloud coins
go in the store Buy: 2 Fire bursts, long lasting shake (Slow but safe), OR Mushroom Shake.
Grab the boomboxer cc on watchit's house

do the stylish strat on chunks

grab the life shroom(slow but safe)

Pre ch 2
Same as Any%

Grab boomer return pipe out
act as if you are going to the chapter 3 heart pillar
before you would use slim there is a pipe that leads to the pit
jump on the first squiglet, Use tipi to to reveal the invisible blocks
flip and wall through the hall, hit the switch and enter the pipe.

-from here the idea is to find the door first, and kill anything in the way.
-once you find the door kill the enemies that are closest.
-if you kill an enemy with the key and haven't found the door yet, Flip and walk back so you can see the room better.
-If you still can't see the door it's in the top left hand corner of the room.
-despawning enemies: sometimes an enemy will despawn, if this happens you have to kill every enemy in the room and the key will spawn at the door

Notable rooms:
[19] - koopatroll, its really bad RNG if he has it but you must have 60k points to kill him yourself. if you dont have 60k points and you are worried he may have it, use another koopa in the room to deal 1 damage to him.
[97] - single squiglet, he will always spawn in the top left hand corner, where you and the door spawn is random.

enemies worth killing for points:
buzzies - they will not despawn like koopa shells do when they go out of site, the idea is you can hit them and then flip in 3d and they will keep killing everyting on the bottom level gaining lots of points.
boing-iongs - jump on them once with a high jump, once all three pop out you should hit them all for around 700 to 1600 points pending on the type of boing-iong
everything else is good if you can combo

Wracktail - once on him switch to peach, use your two fire bursts, when he starts to circle walk peach up to the points at the top of your screen, when the tail gets to you jump off and float to the circle on his head, jump on him 10 times and repeat. Note the wrackles can still shoot lasers as wracktail is circling, they do 10 damage each.