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SpeedyFists is an online marathon focused on fighting games.

This marathon will raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, a pediatric treatment and research facility focused on children's catastrophic diseases.

We recommend to join our Discord since we were organizing everything from there, you will receive all the news faster than here, and you can contact the organizers more easily.


Submissions: January 27th - March 3rd, 2019
Marathon: April 12th-14th, 2019

We will be doing submissions through You can submit it clicking "Submit game" on the left of this page.

Submissions rules:

-Tell us your availability hours for each day individually. This day will be added in case we receive a huge number of submissions, but it will take priority to fill Saturday and Sunday rather than Friday.
-When you said your availability hours, tell us as well your time zone.
-There's no limit on how many games or categories you can submit. Each submission requires a video.
-In the case of a race, each runner must submit a form.
-In the submission form, it will be a field to include the incentives (glitch showcase, difficulty, anything you think it's interesting to watch or do, etc.) and the extra time you require in case the incentive is met.
-Emulators are allowed (except those who are banned).

About the games that can be accepted or not:

-TAS are accepted.
-Boxing, mixed martial arts and wrestling games, as we did on past marathons, can be accepted.
-Modes inside to fighting games, like Tekken Force, Chronicles of the Sword or Devil Within, can be accepted.
-Genres or games with fighting games features will be studied individually. In case of doubt, contact any of the organizers.
-Beat em up games could be accepted, but they will have less priority in comparison than more "pure" or conventional fighting games.




Two weeks left until we close submissions.


Last 48 hours!

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The schedule reveal will be shown in Speedyfists channel next Saturday 16th at 7pm UTC!

In case you don't follow us, this is our channel:

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One week until the marathon starts!

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