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Phase 0

Player Game Category Estimate Platform Region Video Comments Extra players Requirements Incentives Availability Date  
PilotPandaPilotPanda Kidou Senshi Gundam Seed Destiny Main Mode - Any% 0:25:00 GBA JPN Link Very Hard Difficulty, hopefully with more runners to join in. Using a broken glitch with various Gundams shown could be a very interesting race to watch. Friday: 6pm-12pm Saturday: All Day Sunday: All Day
PilotPandaPilotPanda Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam VS Gundam NEXT Plus Single Player 0:20:00 PSP JPN Link Arcade - Route D - Only Using Melee Attacks. This is a special run, i'm only allowed to use melee attacks in Route A, making use of G-Gundam units most likely. No beam rifles, guns, or anything. Example run is different though, since i need to record footage of me playing Melee only. It's overall the same thing though. Choose a Gundam: Spiegel Gundam or Sword Strike Gundam Friday: 6pm - 12pm Saturday: All Day Sunday: All Day
PilotPandaPilotPanda Ranma ½: Battle Renaissance Storymode - Any% - Normal - 1 Round 0:06:00 PS JPN Link its a fucking meme. this run should be on an low incentive, just to show, how broken and bad it is :D 25€/$ to show off this absolute broken mess of a game. Friday: 6pm-12pm Satuday: All Day Sunday: All Day
PilotPandaPilotPanda Ultimate Knight Windom XP: Extreme VS. Full Boost (Mod) Extreme VS Mode (Arcade) 0:10:00 PC USA Link Easy difficulty. UKWXP is an old game, with an incredible modding community and several Gundam mods. More people just need to know about it, because for us PC gamers in the gundam community, there's not much we have for the 3d fighters on PC. Gundam Selection. Will come up with ideas, just @ me in the discord for more info Friday: 6pm - 12pm Saturday: All Day Sunday: All Day
CountGoobyCountGooby Shaq Fu (SNES) Story Easy 0:10:00 SNES USA Link Hi Micsoul Show Cutscenes (+2 Mins) Use Game Audio Get Micsoul to play ShaqFu Friday - After 7pm CST Saturday - Anytime Sunday - Anytime
CountGoobyCountGooby Super Smash Bros. Melee Adventure 0:15:00 GCN USA Link A well received run from last Speedyfists, Melee is one of the most beloved and popular fighting games ever. This run would showcase lots it has to offer in a short timespan Possibly Zojalyx In-Game Tag (4 Characters) Falcon Color Bidwar Friday - After 7pm CST Saturday - Anytime Sunday - Anytime
CountGoobyCountGooby Project M Target Smash All Characters 1:40:00 Wii USA Link Project M has been a classic run to showcase at Speedyfists and has been in many of its marathons. This run features all the same movement techniques that make it unique and loved for years. In-Game Tag (5 Characters) Use Swag Diddy Kong Friday - After 7pm CST Saturday - Anytime Sunday - Anytime
CountGoobyCountGooby Melee Light All Target Tests 0:20:00 PC USA Link Melee Light is a web clone of Melee that accurately recreates the physics of the game, while adding new additions to Target Smash. This fangame features all new levels for Target Smash with the great Melee physics to keep it fast and entertaining. Friday - After 7pm CST Saturday - Anytime Sunday - Anytime
moon_fansmoon_fans Soulcalibur VI Libra of Soul NG 1:10:00 PC USA Link It was in last year. I think I've advanced the game since then. I can make the character name anything I want (that the game allows) without losing time if I know about it at least a few min in advance. I won't be available on April 25th.
moon_fansmoon_fans Soulcalibur VI Soul Chronicle 0:25:00 PC USA Link It was shown last year and I think I've improved a lot on it since then. There is a chapter where you fight a create-a-soul. I could give it any name and could make it look like anything (without losing time). I don't know how that would work but I can't think of anything else I could change. I can't make April 25th. The other days are fine.
SgtPowergloveSgtPowerglove Cosmic Carnage Any% 0:11:00 32X USA Link This game is sooo bad it's good, a fun run to watch Anytime after 4:30 PM MT on 4/24 works
MSKainMSKain Soulcalibur III Chronicles of the Sword 3:20:00 PS2 USA Link Submitting new this year: Any% MCO, where I create only the main character and otherwise actually have to use the party members provided to me. A fighting game/strategy RPG hybrid, I've shown this game mode at Speedyfists before, but never this challenge mode! Name the MC (12 character limit), gender of MC, fight Ende (+5 min) Literally any time
Proto_SonicProto_Sonic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Genesis) Any% 0:07:00 Genesis USA Link This game can be a easy entry point for anyone wanting to get into speedrunning. Since this is any %, the game will be put at the lowest difficulty and Zack (MMPR Black Ranger) will be used. Simply put, constantly press the jab button to spin around like a beyblade to take down Rita's monsters and save the world one spinning axe at a time. No incentives. Availability (ALL EST) Friday evening (10 pm-12 am) Saturday morning (9 am-10:45 am) Sunday (ALL DAY) Will not be available on Saturday afternoon/evening due to a wedding
NinjazFTW64NinjazFTW64 WWE 2K15 Showcase Mode Any% 2:45:00 XboxOne USA Link Because it's a weird little category. Strategy in matches wildly varies, as in this game you can't get cheap count-outs to advance. While there will be a lot of (running strike, stomp, stomp, running strike, repeat) hopefully it will still be entertaining. Bidwar - Start with HHH/Michaels or Punk/Cena $150 - 30 Man Royal Rumble Extra Run (around 25 extra minutes) Not available till around 6 PM EST on the 24th of April, the other 2 days I'll probably be like entirely free.
El_NachoEl_Nacho Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Any% NG+ 2:20:00 PC Link In DB Xenoverse 2 you take the role of a time patroller who's tasked with keeping the DB timelines in check. I will be playing through the game's story with a new character on a completed save which allows me to use any moves and equipment I already have unlocked. 25th: 4:00pm-1:00am UTC-6 26th: 4:00pm-1:00am UTC-6
PilotPandaPilotPanda Gundam Battle Assault 2 All Gundams (No Unlockables) 1:20:00 PS USA Link 4-5 way race. 5 gundams in story mode ! Nfang, DBcade, ZeroTehRay, IconicShaman Panda: saturday all day. for nfang early saturday (or late us times) zero as well shaman as well DBcade is after my timezone so 10 am (UTC+1) saturdays
El_NachoEl_Nacho Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC Time Patrols 0:35:00 PC Link I will be playing through the Xenoverse 2 DLC story missions with a premade character. 25th: 4:00pm-1:00am UTC-6 26th: 4:00pm-1:00am UTC-6
El_NachoEl_Nacho Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Time Patrols 1:45:00 PC Link Similar to Any% NG+, the main difference being I play through the story fights with a premade character instead, this skips multiple cutscenes and tutorials that are present in NG+ It also has an extra 2 fights that are part of a post story sequence. 25th: 4:00pm-1:00am 26th: 4:00pm-1:00am
kawaiithulukawaiithulu Ultra Fight Da Kyanta 2 any% 0:10:00 PC USA Link A fighting game speedrun that involves speeding up the game itself is cool 9AM - 11PM any day
DBcadeDBcade Shaq Fu (SNES) Story Easy 0:12:00 SNES USA Link Shaq demands the run. This race was also planned for the previous Marathon CountGooby 11am to morning 2am jst Is the best option. Thank you.
DBcadeDBcade Digimon Battle Spirit Any% 0:25:00 GBA USA Link I think it would be nice to show off more pocket games, there are a lot of interesting things to talk about in this edition. Maybe the digimon community will come and support by watching. Character Incentive, I will make a list that people can choose from. 10 AM to 2AM morning JST
DBcadeDBcade SNK Gal's Fighters Queen of Fighter's Tourney (AKA QOF Mode) - Any Settings 0:10:00 NGPC JPN Link This game has never been run at a marathon. A lot characters everyone likes. There is a possibility of mistakes on this run, but I believe that is what makes it fun. Character Incentive. I would make a list of which characters I can play. 10AM to 2AM Morning JST
cestpatoucestpatou Shaq Fu (Genesis) Story Mode Easy 0:15:00 Genesis USA Link Its Shaquille O' Baby!!! afternoons-evenings EST
cestpatoucestpatou Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls Tournament Pro% 0:15:00 Genesis USA Link Double Dragon is a well known franchise and the 5th installment has been a fighting game and much unknown of the public. Can be a different category if needed but they are all pretty much the same time. all afternoons and evenings EST
cestpatoucestpatou Eternal Champions Any% 0:15:00 Genesis USA Link A classic genesis game with fatalities and difficult fighting mechanics. all afternoons and evenings
DBcadeDBcade Bleach: Dark Souls Arcade Mode 0:17:00 DS JPN Link Another Picket game, this time a NDS fighting game. Character and difficulty. Color ? palette? 10am to 2am morning JST
cestpatoucestpatou Streets of Rage Blaze - Easy - 1 handed 0:30:00 PC USA Link Streets of Rage is a well known genesis series and doing it 1 handed on a very good time make it even more impressive all afternoons and evenings EST
WallyzordeWallyzorde Rival Schools: United by Fate 1P Game - 2 Rounds 0:12:00 PS USA Link A classic game with cool characters and mechanics. A memorable to some people and a bit underrated to others. I'll be avaliable 20h ~ 00h BRT on both days.