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Hello everyone,

As you might have read or heard, the start of the Speedsouls for Charity marathon is closing in. Hype!

On the 3rd of December, we will end the marathon with a blast by hosting a big All Souls Games Relay Race starting around 2:30pm CET.

What is an All Souls Games Relay Race?
The All Souls Games Relay race is a race in which two teams face off where members of a team take turns completing Souls games. Once a member of a team finishes the run in one game, the next member in line will immediately continue with the next game in line and so on.
First team that succesfully finishes all Souls games wins the race!

Next to the regular incentives, there will also be incentives for the Relay Race. More on this soon!

Teams, Schedule and Routes:
The Relay Race schedule can be find below.