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Phase 1

Player Game Category Estimate Platform Region Video Comments Extra players Requirements Setup time Incentives Date  
AxelSanGoAxelSanGo Nioh Credits 2:10:00 PS4 EUR Link I think this should be shown because even though really few people speedrun this game as of right now (only 2 actually), I, and almost everyone who has done that in the past is part of the souls community. I know it's not really a souls game, but it's also the closest speedrun community to the game, so i think it can be called "souls-borne related". It's probably not getting accepted because of it not being a souls-borne game, but i think it's worth the shot. It's a pretty interesting run to see, not submitting all main missions with dlcs because it's not completly optimized as of right now and it adds up around 1 hour almost, i might add it as an incentive though, since up until the Sekigahara mission the speedrun is the same in both categories. The video is before the 3rd dlc was added, the game has changed a bit, but not too major, mostly new enemies here and there, and bosses being a bit more consistent. 10 As an incentive we could do the All Main missions of the dlcs also, it will slow down a bit the any% part of the run, but it can be really interesting, since even though we are 2 runners for Nioh, i'm the only one who does all main missions with dlcs. And as an extra incentive in top of that, i could show off a boss that unlocks once you do all main missions of the 3rd dlc, Jin Hayabusa, really fast and powerful boss, but i have strats to make the fight pretty consistent. I can do it without sloth or weakness.
DaravaeDaravae Dark Souls III Any% 0:50:00 PC EUR Link The last time true Any% was shown was on last years GDQ and the route changed quite a lot after that since the Spellswap glitch got found. Spellswap allows players to use a spell without level requirements, which basically means we do not have to level Faith at all and start out with Spook which makes the run more enjoyable and faster to execute. None 2
typwotypwo Dark Souls Random Boss Order 3:15:00 PC USA Link This is a race between myself and Zazztrain. A reasonable but interesting boss order will be generated beforehand by a third-party. Neither me nor Zazztrain will have knowledge of the boss order, so we will only see the current boss on our splits. We will have to route this on-the-fly. This will make for some "edge of your seat" entertainment that both uninformed chat patrons and experienced speedrunners alike will find amusing and enthralling. Zazztrain 5 Could have a weapon incentive, as long as the weapon doesn't require farming and is strong enough to allow for a finish within the range of the estimate. Personally, I'd like an incentive to kill Solaire.
StennisStennis Dark Souls II Any% 0:25:00 PC EUR Link is fast speed run 0
2RED2Game2RED2Game Dark Souls Any% Force Quit 0:40:00 PC EUR Link Any% Kiln Skip is a lesser known category while being a short run that can fill in any gap in the schedule. The route and thus the fights are vastly different from most other ds1 runs too. Mikogekz, iFail22, MrBorje 10 If it doesnt make it in, this whole race could be an incentive LuL. Other than that dunno
KregganKreggan Demon's Souls Any% 1:15:00 PS3 USA Link That's a very good question. Also Magic route, not Melee since I don't know it. 0 kill or let Maiden live. Things like this make the super popular GDQ marathons lots of money
KarmikKoalaKarmikKoala Dark Souls III All Bosses (Soul Level 1) 2:40:00 PC EUR Link Cause its meme! 5
KahmulKahmul Dark Souls Cheese All Bosses 3:00:00 PC Link Memes 0
KahmulKahmul Dark Souls Glitch Exhibition (Exhibition) 0:20:00 Link Shows off some silly stuff in addition to the Cheese All Bosses Run 0
BubblesDelFuegoBubblesDelFuego Dark Souls PVP Any% 0:10:00 PC USA Link Jesus Christ, this thing has 13 moderators. Including Maral? What she gonna do? Anyway, I don't know what I have to say to convince you people to put in PVP Any%. I'm timing to see how fast I can invade a world and kill another player online. I've done it in under 5 minutes before (I know, right, so cool). Estimate is 10 minutes but it can go up to days if I suck or if nobody is online. 0
square_wavesquare_wave Demon's Souls Any% Consumables Only 2:20:00 PS3 USA Link This route showcases a few tricks and skips not featured in a normal any% route. It also shows a completely different approach to fighting bosses since it's only using the consumables found throughout Boletaria. Lots of Cheese and lots of dodging, but never the less, it's pretty fun. I made up this run to submit to this Marathon, so the route isn't perfectly optimized yet, but I will continue to work on the route in hopes it gains any interest. 10 As always, Kill or Save the Maiden in Black!
MiltrivdMiltrivd Dark Souls All Bosses Miracles Only 2:00:00 PC USA Link Or "Miracles Mostly" anyway. Run is a lot different (and slower mainly due longer setup) than normal All Bosses. Uses only 2 offensive miracles the whole run (sans Mace on Asylum Demon) and 2 sorceries for skips. The mix between lightning spears (among the slowest spells in the game) and Wrath of the God (among fastest) with the chance of some OP moments (small chance to one shot Ornstein for example) make it attractive to showcase. 3
MiltentMiltent Dark Souls II All Bosses changed moveset 4:00:00 PC Link xD ProFlo Windrunner 0 We`ll come up with some meme shit
DaravaeDaravae All Souls Games All Bosses | Relay Race 10:00:00 PC EUR Link The very first All Bosses All Souls Games Relay Race! In this race, 3 teams each having 5 runners who on their own specializes in speedruning one souls game will race all the souls games in one big race! The first team that completes all the souls games will win the race! Square_Wave, Kreggan, Mr_Brood, AlibabaFC, Miltent, pseudostripy, Nemz38, Horstz, heyZeusHeresToast, Dplanet36 0 Incentive Suggestions: - Penalties - Do something around the map? - More? Will get edited.
CapitaineToinonCapitaineToinon Dark Souls Any% 0:45:00 PC Link Item swap boys 0
masterr876masterr876 Dark Souls All Bosses randomizer race 3:30:00 PC Link All bosses item randomizer race 10
SayviSayvi Dark Souls III Any% No TearDrop 1:00:00 PC EUR Link Any% No Teardrop is an Any% category in Dark Souls III, banning a major glitch called "Teardrop". During the category's lifeline, the community has continuously improved this category in multiple ways by using new found glitches, such as Duping, Farron Keep Skip and Irithyll Skip, and by finding a better weapon. The relatively low leveling and low weapon upgrades create intense boss fights and well executed strategies for a rather short but very interesting speedrun. 5
DaravaeDaravae Dark Souls III Boss Rush Mod 0:35:00 PC EUR Link B3LYP created an amazing Boss Rush Mod on Dark Souls III which teleports players from boss to boss to create an epic rush to kill them all as fast as possible! decc, SayviTV 0
[Deleted user] Dark Souls Any% Force Quit 0:40:00 PC Link Will probably be the most professional display of skill during the entire event 2RED2Game,iFail22,Mikogekz 10 Sen's warp? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
MikogekzMikogekz Dark Souls Any% Force Quit 0:40:00 PC EUR Link Becuase it will be the greatest meme Kiln Skip race that has ever been seen. Or force quit as we're calling it these days. I don't specifically have a recorded video for a Kiln Skip route, but I have done it before and will have no trouble preparing for it. If you really need a video, let me know and I can get one sorted within a day. 2Red2Game, MrBorje, iFail22 10
iFail22iFail22 Dark Souls Any% Force Quit 0:40:00 PC EUR Link Because it is a short run of Dark Souls which includes a glitch that is not used in any other route. Also the fights are different and watching a race is always somewhat exciting. 2Red2Game, MrBorje, Mikogekz 10
AkitakaTsuyaAkitakaTsuya Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Any% 1:20:00 PC EUR Link To show some love for the Scholar version of DkS2. 0 Could have an incentive to run either Any% or Old Souls%. Should Old Souls% wins that would add an extra 30-40min to the run
ElajjazElajjaz Dark Souls All bosses Randomizer 8:00:00 PC EUR Link Super fun to do and to watch 0 Drop current weapon every 100 dollar donation
CimpCimp Die by the Sword Any% 0:45:00 PC EUR Link Fun game to show off 0
CimpCimp Dark Souls All Bosses Randomizer Race 8:00:00 PC EUR Link :] 0
EnsgMasterEnsgMaster Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin All Bosses 3:00:00 PC EUR Link Memest category of the memest version of the memest game can only get the dankest memes 0
zazztrainzazztrain Dark Souls Random Boss Order 3:15:00 PC Link Race with Typwo. Adds a unique challenge to an All Bosses run and involves glitches not usually seen in official categories. Typwo 0
Kwitty23Kwitty23 Bloodborne All Bosses Blood Level 4 2:15:00 PS4 USA Link Blood Level 4 is the lowest level you can be in Bloodborne, so beating the game at this level and doing it fast is very entertaining and a challenge in itself. 15 My goal is to hopefully earn between 100-300 dollars for my portion of the charity stream
deccdecc Dark Souls III Boss Rush Mod 0:35:00 PC EUR Link Boss Rush is cool and so am I. And I will be joined by Dark and SayviTV so it's gonna be lit. Daaarrrk, SayviTV 5
StennisStennis Dark Souls II Reverse Boss Order Race 2:45:00 PC EUR Link The pinnacle of DS2 memeruns. Noobest 0
NoobestNoobest Dark Souls II Reverse Boss Order race 2:25:00 PC EUR Link It has the best skips and includes about 500 total jumps Stennis 0
Dplanet36Dplanet36 Bloodborne 0:40:00 PS4 EUR Link To show how interesting bloodborne any % speedrunning is with unpatched glitches and other strats, and maybe make it more popular again. 1
NaxHPLNaxHPL Dark Souls Achievements of the Abyss 6:30:00 PC Link the dlc should have achievements but it doesn't so let's pretend it does because the bosses are really good and so is dark bead. Race with Wolfe87 Wolfe87 5 - Character name - Skin colour
Distortion2Distortion2 Dark Souls II All Bosses 2:45:00 PC USA Link Ds2 all bosses is great and it is a souls game. 1
AllakazzarorAllakazzaror Dark Souls Randomizer Race 3:00:00 PC USA Link I'll join any randomizer races for DS1. 0 Live bidwar for active challenge effects, i.e. No healing, left-hand weapon, use what you see, etc. For example, $5 to choose a challenge effect for 5 minutes. $10 to override the current effect with a new one. etc
westwest Demon's Souls 1:00:00 PS3 JPN Link If runners have ability to do RTA, it should be utilized I would like to support this charity from Japan west 10 The soul system、The oldest rule

Phase 0

Player Game Category Estimate Platform Region Video Comments Extra players Requirements Setup time Incentives Date  
AlibabaAlibaba Dark Souls All Bosses 1:45:00 PC EUR Link cause all bosses DS1 5 file name, ending choice.
Mr_BroodMr_Brood Dark Souls II All Achievements 7:30:00 PC EUR Link 2 words sunlight medals. You know you want it. 1 Char name
KarmikKoalaKarmikKoala Dark Souls III demon's fist rokky balboa all bosses meme run 2:20:00 PC EUR Link Gonna hit all bosses as a tuck 5
CapitaineToinonCapitaineToinon Dark Souls Least Bosses 0:40:00 PC Link The world needs to know 0
CapitaineToinonCapitaineToinon Dark Souls Any% SL1 race 1:05:00 PC Link xD Typwo 0
23edsa23edsa Bloodborne Any% Flamesprayer only 2:30:00 PS4 Link People think its fun. Its fun 30
23edsa23edsa Dark Souls III SL1 Any% Pyro only(mostly) 2:30:00 PC Link Fun and challenging 30
Mr_BroodMr_Brood Dark Souls II All Bosses No DLC 1:40:00 PC Link it's like all bosses on current patch, but only the good bosses. Like covetous demon and Gargoyles stennisberetheon 1
NewbiesaurusNewbiesaurus Bloodborne All Bosses Chikage Run 3:45:00 PS4 USA Link Chikage all bosses run is a run that uses a lot of the skips in the regular all bosses plus Amelia skip which is only used in any% cp. Chikage is also a challenging weapon which means being able to see more of the boss phases normally not seen in the regular all bosses. 3 Character Name Sewer Skip Hamlet Skip Quitout/Non-Quitout
AlibabaAlibaba Dark Souls Any% dragon tooth 1:05:00 PC EUR Link cause memes LikeLel 5 character file name, ending choice
Mallik7DMallik7D Dark Souls All Bosses Randomizer Race 3:30:00 PC EUR Link Due to relying quite a bit on RNG, Randomizer races really force runner to adapt and think quickly on their feet. There is a ton of strategy involved in deciding which items you pick up, and how to handle the risk of not getting a certain key item if you choose to skip harder to reach locations. Randomizer races also showcase a wide variety of weapons, boss strategies, and even normal speedrun tech, since being able to forgo certain key items if you don't find them is a necessity. All in all an entertaining and strategically interesting run. Miltrivd, Zazztrain, Masterr and more 10 -
CimpCimp Bloodborne All Bosses 1:40:00 PS4 EUR Link Bloodborne seems underrepresented FrankerZ 0 Filename Music Box for Gascoigne?
CimpCimp Dark Souls All Bosses Crapplemage 1:25:00 PC EUR Link . 0 Filename Ending
StennisStennis Dark Souls II All Bosses No DLC 1:40:00 PC EUR Link Lots of skips, very fast paced. Mr_Brood 0
MiltrivdMiltrivd Dark Souls All Bosses Randomizer Race 3:30:00 PC USA Link Randomizer Race on Race Mode (restricts possible time to around 3h 10m RTA on slowest seeds after testing) 0
MiltrivdMiltrivd Dark Souls All Bosses Bow Only Race 2:20:00 PC USA Link Bows in general are regarded as "tools" rather than weapons by the general public. Could help show their potential damage and utility as weapons, specially considering stunlocks with headshots. Masterr876 - Mr_Brood 0
zazztrainzazztrain Dark Souls All Bosses Randomizer Race 3:30:00 PC Link It's pretty fun because rng 0 Maybe donation goal for sounds and textures being randomized?
NoobestNoobest Dark Souls II All Bosses No DLC 1:35:00 PC EUR Link Pretty cool category that goes fast thorough the base game. Stennis, Brood 0
SqueakyshoesSqueakyshoes Dark Souls randomizer race 2:00:00 PC EUR Link I have squeaky shoes miltrivd, zazztrain, masterr876, Elajjaz 15
AllakazzarorAllakazzaror Glitchless Souls Trilogy Any% Trilogy (Exhibition) 3:30:00 Link Two unique things about this run. First, it's glitchless. Second, it's ALL of the Souls Trilogy. Since the run is so long, I'll have Save States set up at significant segments, to prevent one bad death from ruining the time estimate. I use the DS1 Randomizer to guarantee a BKH drop in the DS1 segment. 0