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I'm looking to start recording and adding runs, and I was wondering what emulators are valid for the leaderboards. Is there a list somewhere?

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Quote of xDrHellx (that he wrote in a thread)

If the emulator is accurate and the community for that game accepts emulator as a valid choice, then yes, you can. The most commonly used emulators for each system include:

NES - FCEUX 2.2.0
GB - bgb
SNES - SNES9x 1.53
GBA - VBA 1.7.2
Genesis/GameGear/SMS - Fusion
N64 - Project64 v1.7

For reference, the following emulators are globally banned for use in racing:

SNES - ZSNES, snes9x 1.4x
N64 - Project64 2.x
GBA - VBA-M (use VBA instead. If VBA does not support your GBA game, please contact an op.)"


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for GBA you can use Bizhawk too from what i know.


Skuttie: As gaming switched to discs, one thing they gave up for having more game files was loading times. Thus, loading times are inconsistent on emulators, and usually faster on good computers. That's why there really aren't any approved emulators for disc consoles (there might be a few exceptions, but I doubt there are many).


Actually, in many cases, I've seen emulators (ePSXe 1.9 as a standard) accepted for PS1 games, but that might be because PS2 FDS is usually faster than, or at least the same speed as, emulator no matter the inconsistencies, so emulators gain no real advantage.


I will have to look into that.

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I think that if PS1 emulators are accepted, it's either that it's in its own category or it's a game that's on one disc...for the most part.

For Genesis, Gens is also banned as it's faster than normal.

For Wii, I THINK dolphin is accepted but most Wii games ban both emulators and the use of HDD.

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PS1 should usually be Bizhawk or Mednafen.

Believe either of those are the "most accurate" of any PS1 emulator. I would avoid ePSXe, personally, as all versions above 1.8 have massive acceleration on loads.


Is there a Sega emulator that supports controller?


I mean, it'd help if you listed the SEGA console. lol


to be honest, i think at some point we should do a somewhat "official" list about these.
I mean, even on twitch, everyone asks about wich emulator to use, there ARE some lists, like on SRL, but they're not up to date (doesn't include Bizhawk and some other emulators people uses nowadays).

It would be nice if we could gather everyone's opinion at some point to do that, along with a sticked topic so people don't miss it.
Still, it would be nice if every leaderboard had a topic about wich emulator or console would be better to use (or simply what's allowed or not).


I've been considering doing a list somewhat similar to that for a while. Thankfully college has ended so I can get to work on asking as many people as I possibly can what they use. It shouldn't take too long to compile it all.

If any of you would be interested in giving some info, I'll start another thread in here in a few minutes.

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Just putting this here, psx emus are in most circumstances based off a core that is like the psx core, meaning loads are accurate, however some emus dont get the core right and it causes bad things


Bizhawk for me is one of the best multi emulator in the world. You can play PS1, NES, SNES, N64, GBA,GBC,GB, Apple II, SG-1000, Sega CD, Sega Genesis, Sega Master System. I would like to contribute how to set up to play Sega Genesis on Bizhawk.