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i guess that this is pretty common question but anyway, its allowed to have runs of games in parts?

there are a couple of games that i want to run which are hours long and i cant really commit to play them hours in a row because i have other stuff to do.

its allowed?


Every game has its own rules so as always check the rules for whatever game(s) you're planning on running, but generally speaking runs are required to be 'single-segment' (meaning, the whole run must be done in one sitting, in real-time) unless otherwise specified.

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^ pretty much this. While alot of games will have rules based on single-segment as its arguably the most common way for runs to be done. Some leaderboards still have segmented categories or Indivudal Level based ones. Completely depending on what game you're looking to run.

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Generally, like it was said above, runs are required to be done in one sit. That's why I generally focus on games that let me skip cutscenes and have an overall length not bigger than three hours. I like a lot of long games, like JRPGs, but generally I avoid running them because it takes a lot of time, which will affect negatively my life (because I won't be able to eat, go to the bathroom, etc.) and it's way harder to optimize, because you have too many parts to train.

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It’s called segmented speed running. You cannot submit it underneath full run but you record a part until you’re satisfied with the time then do next part and continue.


It pretty much depends on the rules of the game you are intending to run so games allow it some games don’t

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