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I think this little dipshit browser game has a surprising amount of potential for speedrunning. If you don't know, Little alchemy's this game where you are given an infinite supply of fire, earth, air, and water and you mash it together in various ways until you make Darth Vader or something. And the UI actually changes as you create things so making simple constructs will take slightly longer depending on the order you make stuff, giving a lot of room for optimization? There is also a lot of different categories you could make. A full encyclopedia speedrun, gun% and darthvader% are probably good. Yeah.

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On second thought, a full encyclopedia speedrun would probably be hours long no matter how optimized so maybe not.

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There have been multiple game requests and forum posts for this game before, and every time it's been rejected, its due to having no definitive ending. You can always try requesting this game, but don't get your hopes too high. Your best bet is to be very specific in the additional notes section, including every category as well as the specific rules for said categories.

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The game just looks like who can remember stuff the fastest, you just drag and drop 2 things together, not much optimization

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flashbacks to seterra

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Anything gets accepted nowadays. You should be more surprised if it does get rejected

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