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I just submitted my first Nitronic Rush IL speedrun ( The time relies on in-game time, so I'm assuming you don't need Splits I/O for this specific speedrun, but do other runs NEED Splits I/O splits?


Generally you aren't obligated to provide any kind of times/splits. That is purely for your own convenience as a runner.

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Some games might require splits to be submitted in place of a video if you’re time is below a certain threshold. As an example, maybe a game doesn’t require video proof until you’re below 30 minutes, but if you’re above 30 minutes and you don’t provide a video, then you need to submit splits.

In general though, they really are just a convenient tool for you as a runner. Just double check the rules to make sure there aren’t any cases like the above.


Are there really games that require splits? I was under the impression that they were just a tool to help keep track of checkpoints (as Timmi said).