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Hi guys,

I've released an update to the FramePerfect timer app featuring:

? Skip splits
? Start a run with a negative time offset
? Unsplit even when the run is complete
? Chinese localisation
? + more!

Hope you all have a great holiday and a brilliant AGDQ in the New Year! ?


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and like last time, why couldn't you just bump one of the other threads you created?
namely this one and this one

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Because I thought more people would see it if I created a new thread and I couldn't see any way to rename the previous threads. Apologies if that's against the rules, I didn't realise 🙂


You could just create a topic like "FramePerfect Timer App Updates" and post new updates there

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@blueYOSHI Good idea, I can try that from the next update 🙂

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Btw, I use this and it's awesome. Very helpful tool!

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I forget to split 😛

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Could setting a offset be a positive value. For example, I game a run you can either watch the cut scene or start the time at 1:15.0. Can that be already done, or can it be added in a future update?

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Portal Vault Save @StrawberryMilk

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@StrawberryMilk thank you for that suggestion! When I added the negative time offset I didn't realise there were cases were a positive offset would also be useful. It's on the feature request list and should appear in a future update 🙂

Thanks again and if anyone would like to make suggestions or stay up to date with the development of FramePerfect, please feel free to join our Discord