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Hey all,

I'm a pretty new speedrunner, starting Megaman last year and recently picking up Bomberman 64. I looked up a lot of advice threads, and I'm sure we've all seen some of the common things. But I have just a couple quick words on advice for morale.

Often times when I'm running and I screw up some difficult (or even simple) tech, I beat myself up with thoughts like "This is hardly even speedrunning anymore". Sometimes the run feels extremely sluggish after a few of these and it's tempting to quit or think you're messing up things that normal runners would not. If this happens, keep this in mind:
No matter how sluggish it feels, you are still speedrunning the game! There's no doubt that you're blowing through the game faster than likely 99% of people who have played the game, so even major blips in speedrunning tech do not disqualify that, and what you're doing is awesome.

Lastly, I'm sure we've all heard the advice to watch other peoples' runs. Definitely do this, but do NOT just watch the top 5 or 10 runs! Go down to the top 30s 40s and even 50s. Not only have I discovered slightly-less-quick tech that can get me through a difficult section, but it becomes much clearly that you are further along than you think.

Hope this can help anyone who stumbles upon this!


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Lastly, I'm sure we've all heard the advice to watch other peoples' runs. Definitely do this, but do NOT just watch the top 5 or 10 runs! Go down to the top 30s 40s and even 50s.

laughs ironically, leading to uncontrollable sobbing

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maybe just make sure their post actually means what you think it means before you use an "impersonal" insult for a "reason" then

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Icky, I think you misread emeraldaly's post. He was laughing / sobbing because a lot of his games (like mine) have almost no runners, let alone 30+. He wasn't mocking the OP at all, if anything it was self-deprecating.

Also "calling someone an asshole isn't personal".... ok

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`Again calling someone asshole or referring to them as one is NOT a personal attack as it does not target their lifestyle/appearance/believes If you think it is, thats on you`

Since when is calling someone an asshole not a personal attack? If you think that is okay than I am not sure what dream you are in right now, but I suggest you wake up and also let me make it abundantly clear that this is the one and final time I find you calling someone an asshole on the forums of this website.

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@drgrumbledrgrumble I'm a she.

@IcKYIcKY Half-hearted apology not accepted. Leave me alone.

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Now that we cleared that up, lets move on with the subject of the thread please.


In regard to the OP, I think it is great advice. I would only add that if you are new to this and feeling down because the WR for a run you are attempting seems so far beyond your ability levels, you will be amazed what you will become capable of with enough practice (and the best practice is getting things wrong).


I've been speedrunning for over five years now, and run over 60 different games, yet with only one exception I don't care how well I do compared to WR. If you ask me, speedrunning is less about being faster than everyone else and more about being able to improve your own times. In no way am I trying to say that people who strive for a WR shouldn't, but you can speedrun without doing that. Going back to what OP was saying, don't beat yourself up over what one runner can do and you can't, instead get a good time with the strats you are able to do, and over time learn more and more. Not only is that a more successful strategy imo, but it makes for a happier speedrunner. Just my two cents, and I know a lot of this was already discussed but it is worth emphasizing.