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Any recommendations? Personal favourites? Interesting videos/streams you can link? Maybe that will interest me, and I can look into the game, the strats etc. Thanks.


If you aren't looking for kart racing games I would recommend either a rally game (such as the Colin McRae Rally series or WRC games) or Need for Speed. In the nfs series I would recommend Carbon or The Run. Both are quite simple to learn games.

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Initial D games
Mario Kart games

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Kirby Air Ride
F-Zero games


Super Hang-On is very challenging!


Fast RMX, in case you already like F-Zero. It played very similarly to F-Zero GX for me casually, so it probably makes for a good speedgame as well.

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Gran Turismo series time attack

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Racing games by Namco. Pole Position, Final Lap, etc...


SupertTuxKart has a small but nice speedrunning community :


Sonic R. Even if you don’t have access to a GC, the leaderboards are very diverse and allow everything from Emulation to PC. It has a fairly steep learning curve though.

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