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I updated the record two times.
But my record is not updated.

I run NicoNico Lives on 2/1.

Is this website the fair?
I think this is a problem for the judges. He gave the defamation several times.
Please change the judges.
Thank you.


Mods have 21 days to verify a run. Have you waited this long already? Please keep in mind this site is run by people in their free time on a voluntary basis and everybody has other things to do as well.


I am waiting for a long time. about 35 days.


It seems the moderator for that game was on this site five days ago, but didn't verify your run. Have you tried contacting them through Twitter or Twitch?

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I don’t know his email.
He has a problem, and I don’t get along with him.

If he don't see this email forever, don't this website register any records? It is a disappointing. I think this website is the limit.