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Hey guys,

so we have accepted the SNES-mini for most SNES games as allowed platform. But what is with games for the GB/GBC/GBA? I saw a video about how to play those games on SNES-mini, and it's totally possible. Since SNES-mini is an emulator, it would be something like SG emulation. (?)

What are yor thought's and do you have examples? I Want to know if some communities are already allowing this.


Depends on the game and that game's community.


I can only speak to GB, and not GBA/GBC games.

Given that Retroarch would be the emulator in question, it would almost certainly not be allowed.
We have very accurate emulators in bgb and gambatte, such that most other emulators are banned if they cannot produce accurate results. Retroarch has always run GB games about 0.4% too fast (I believe due to how it does v-sync).

So at least for most GB boards, the emulator would not be allowed.

Some testing results I did with RA and Marble Madness once: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​marblemadnessgameboy/​thread/​u3zzg
Some results from my GB emulator testing. Last tested V 1.7.7: http:/​/​sprintinglegs.​com/​emutiming/​results.​html

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@LegsLegs interesting thanks! I think so aswell. SNES-mini plays the game with 60fps. That's the same reason why SGB is banned for most games.