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Hi, I am very new to creating an autosplitter. I have been able to create an In Game Timer and am able to automatically start the timer. But I cannot figure out how to get it to split once. I am able to get it to split continuously, but i have no idea how to add in a check so it splits once. Can anyone help or provide a link to a resource that'll help?


I'm gonna assume you ran into the same issue as I did and you're trying to split when a specific value is equal to a specific number when you actually want to check if the value has changed and if the value is equal to a specific number in that case, like in that example where I check that the value from the MissionActive pointer has decreased and is equal to 1.

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I think I am missing other parts of code. I'll take a look around and others and try and figure this out. I'm honestly so lost.


If you post what you currently have somewhere, we might be able to tell what the problem is.

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