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I intent to speeedrun a game that is not on the site yet. It is a long RPG on PS1.
I would like to :
- Use a emulator.
- As the run should be long (several hours), stop the run and the record, then restart where I stopped the next day (after some sleep 🙂 )

Then the final video would be all the sperated videos gathered.

Is this allowed on this site? Or is it considered as "Tool assisted" ?

Thanks in advance

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No, tool-assisted is when you use tools such as frame advance, slowdown, etc.

What you are talking about is a segmented run. While they are uncommon for most games, some games, (such as a yu-gi-oh game for the PS1), take several hours, and people use segmented runs. You should be fine, as long as you state that it is segmented, and don't try to pass it off as a Single-Segment run by splicing them, as that is considered cheating. However, I would like to note that the segmented runs I have seen are usually just split into seperate videos, perhaps in a youtube playlist. So I recommend you do that instead.

As for emulation, that is completely up to the game's community. If it isn't already on the site, it most likely doesn't really have much of a speedrunning community, so pretty much any rules you make up are fair game.

(P.S. If the game gets accepted, you must have social media on your account. You can add youtube, twitch, or discord so that people can contact you regarding the speedgame.)

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What game? You should consider someone coming along eventually to do an RTA style run, and have a separate category for each.


This is this game :
What is an RTA run?

Yes I will add a youtube account once the video will be uploaded.

Edit : Maybe i'll consider creating a youtube channel, uploading the segments when its done (one per day for exemple), then request on this site when all videos are uploaded? (the final time would be the sum of all videos time)


RTA stands for Real Time Attack, and refers to completing the game in a single sitting without breaks in the recording.


I usually understand the term 'segmented run' to mean that someone has grinded runs of each segment to try and optimise each one independently, and combined the end products, whereas OP is not suggesting that there will be any 'do-overs' of any parts of the run (so if he messes up, it still ends up in the run and affects the time). Might the term 'multi-session run' be a more accurate description of the proposal?


Whether each segment is grinded or not, it’s still a segmented run (just an unoptimized one). Although since a segmented run uses the in game saves, if the OP just plans on pausing everything occasionally, calling the run a TA is probably more appropriate.


It's not considered 'tool-assisted'.

Though, I definitely wouldn't compare the likes of this to a single segment / RTA run category wise, personally. I'm not entirely sure where I stand on these types of runs, partly because they're a third wheel essentially alongside single-session runs like RTA and Single Segment, and multi-session runs like Segmented. Though, I would categorize them more into Segmented myself since the run session is broken up into parts and you aren't running / the timer isn't running continuously.

TA is a term I've heard infrequently, but I've also had the term 'time attack' be used by Japanese players for single-segment runs involving an IGT. So, I'm unsure exactly if TA has a definitive meaning (possibly just their name for a speedrun that doesn't use real-time), or everyone is just giving it different meanings.


I think i will name it "multi-segment" as it seems to be the most common therm. Maybe I'll precise that a segment should only start at the begining of a level or save point. ( To avoid TAS like optimisation of segments)

I have another issue : The character creation of this game is pretty long, and not interesting. Also given stats to new characters are random. So, by recreating a character again and again (and with luck), you can have better characters. So I hesitate between two rules :
- Start the timer at the first input, but only after the character creation. (so before the run, players will do the best possible rolls)
- Take the character creation time in the timer, but this will be not interesting and luck based. (and less importantly force the players name to be random)

What do you think would be the best option?


I'd say it would be better to go with the first option. Runners are likely going to reset for better character stats regardless, so making the process a little easier (no resetting the timer every time) would be better.


I’m fairly certain that Time Attack (TA) means that the run is done without doing over segments, but the runner is allowed to pause the game and timer and resume at a later point without penalty. These types of runs were prevalent in some games several years ago (although almost all major games don’t accept them anymore). I’m assuming that this is the type of run that the OP is referring to, and given the circumstances of the game I could definitely see this being a good method to use.


I have heard that before, but it does seem to conflict with me knowing several Japanese runners who do use the term to refer to single segment runs that aren't "real" time, so like an IGT that doesn't count loads, an one example.

It being used as a term for "multi-segment" runs is kinda unclear in my opinion. Unless it's documentated on a Japanese site or archived site like SDA.