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I did a speedrun for pokemon pearl. Watched other speedrun records when you need to stop the timer. Its rejected because "Its not finished". Can anyone tell me whats not finished? Because I find it acceptable for a record place.

Sorry for bad english 😛


Then ask that person because we don't know


4 possibilities:

1. He is regularly active on Twitch in recent days, his most recent stream is from October 10 (yesterday). You could sneak into one of his stream and write to him in the chat.

2. If he is active on Twitter, you can send him a message.

3. On YouTube, there is two way to contact someone. the first way is to comment on his video (hoping he sees it). The second is to send him a private message on his YouTube channel.

4. Simply create a thread on the game board.

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"Timing is by RTA, where timer starts upon the first fully white frame after Soft Reset or game boot up and ends when screen fades to black after Hall of Fame in game time is shown."

This is likely why, as your time / video stopped before then.

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Video stopped after the hall of fame time showed up. Even got the soft reset on record.


Your video didn't show the fade to black that it states in the game's rules: "ends when screen fades to black after Hall of Fame in game time is shown."

compare the end of your video to Pokeguy's run here:

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