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Hi community!

(Sorry if this question is already answered elsewhere, but I really couldn't find an answer while googling, so I hope you can help me!)

I'm new to the speedrun community and I'm already excited to submit some runs! But before I start running I rather inform myself if my runs would be "legal", because I'm using different equipment.

Out original Nintendo Wii remotes broke in time so we bought cheaper ones which aren't original Nintendo Wii remotes. My question is: Are they allowed? Or do I need original ones? Here's an example:

Also my dad modified our Wii years ago. I can't even remember what he did with it but it doesn't affect gameplay or something like that. Is this allowed or do I need a new "vanilla" Wii? Because if that's the case, that would be a problem because I want to run some games from the e-shop, but they already shut down.

Thank you very much for your answers in advance!


This is a question best asked to the individual games' communities. In general though I think you should be fine.

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Hello and thank you very much for your answer! 🙂

So do you think that it would be fine to just submit, if the equipment is not specified in the rules of an individual game? Are there any games which specify rules regarding equipment anyway? That would be a great help for me if anyone knows some!

Thanks in advance!


Some games specify equipment when they ban say the use of turbo controllers. Usually, there isn’t any issue with 3rd party equipment if it doesn’t provide an advantage, but you’re still best off asking a mod before submitting a run.

Make a post in the forums for the game, join the discord if there’s one, message a mod on social media, etc. and ask your question(s) to them.

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