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What is your Main Game you Focus most on Speedrunning or usually only Speedrun? Mine (at the Moment) is Pikmin 3 Deluxe, still I am training Little Nightmares 2 Speedrunning and I want it to be my Main Game.

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I don't think I will ever have a "main speedgame". I don't have enough patience to play only one game for a long time, and also there are many other games out there.

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Mine isn’t on the site, its a scratch game called “Appel”

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Game(s) I'm focusing on right now are: Tim_, Frog King, and 60sbr
But for over a year now, my main game has definitely been Mobility!
Across all of the categories, I probably have 3-4 thousand total attempts, and I have several hundred hours in it. Even though I've taken frequent breaks from it, I still have a long list of goals for the game left.

Game links:
Tim_ || (no board)
Frog King ||
60 Second Burger Run ||
Mobility! ||

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My current focus for speedrunning is Disneys Tarzan, but I've also invested quite a bit of time on Spiderman 2000, Pepsiman and Digimon Rumble Arena.

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Tough to say if i'm actively Speedrunning the campaign of LevelHead. Since it has a ton of user-build Levels, i usually play them and end up optimizing setups/strats or outright cheese their level to stand atop the in-game Leaderboard... Only to get beaten the next few days.

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currently learning Adventure Forward 2, been playing Speed Run 4 for over 2 years

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I've been having computer issues that have largely prevented me from running anything so far this year... But when I finally get a new laptop, the first thing I'll do is start working on my fresh batch of cookies for Foxbot. I'll have to match or beat all my IL times if I want a proper record of my SoB!

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Ehh, I switch around depending on my mood.
I'm currently learning Pokemon Sun, pretty much have the first hour of the game memorized, 5 more to go.
I'm also interested in learning Sonic 2 with Knuckles since I love Knuckles as a character and Sonic 2 was my first game
And when I'm just being casual I practice Wii Fit U obstacle course

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Slime Rancher is my first and only main speedgame (so far).
I've been actively running it since August 2018. I've taken a break recently but I'll pick it back up again soon since I can still push my any% glitchless time much lower.

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Mario Kart Wii has been mine since 2018, although I also play Mario Kart Super Circuit.

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Streets Of Rage 4, although I'm trying to get more into platforming this year.

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My main speedgame is Adventure Forward 2: Points of Conflict, however I have gained interest in Super Mario 64 ROM hacks.

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My main (because only one because i started a few days ago 😃 ) is The Lost Cube.

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My main speed game is Buffy The Vampire Slayer on Original Xbox, but i like to speedrun alot of other games. I'm a variety speedrunner just like my friend @Jaypin88Jaypin88

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The Warriors is the only game I speedrun but I want to start and learn the GTA category extensions (San Andreas LS and Badlands chapters) at some point and also sleeping dogs.

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It used to be Minesweeper for me, but my current interest is Zeek the Geek.

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I speedrun Skylanders: Swap Force. Slowly working on getting 2:13:xx RTA for All Story Levels, Wii, Easy.

Open Season (GBA) is another game I like running. I should get back to it.

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As many people have said, I don't have a main game as far as things go,
My favourite and most heavily time invested games to speedrun are Jazzpunk and Paint the Town Red.

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