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7.83 seconds screenshot 10 nfts speedrun any% (100% would be screenshotting them fully, i only saved the image as) hotkeys

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January 7th, the day I decided to speedrun Minecraft 3DS Edition. Truly a lifechanging moment. I've learned so much since then, so much has changed and improved. This run is very special to me. It may be an IL, but even then it was a world record, and that's all that mattered to me.

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Just found out about this thread, love the idea!
My first run ever was on Layers of Fear, I even mentionned it in the run's description it's so cute. Speedrunning has been such a journey for me since!

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Recorded on my garbage old laptop, and was uploaded 13 days before my 10th birthday, probably making me one of the youngest speedrunners ever.

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I remember doing where’s my water “speedruns” when I was like 7. Of course I was bad at it.

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My first and only speedrun is classic any percent on pixel gun 3d (campaign)

It got verified let's go

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When I was 5 years old I got all of the wrs in a ford ds game’s In game leaderboard as they werent optimised since the leaderboard was only ds. It was fun

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I remember it as if it were yesterday...

now im preparing for my 100th run special, time goes by so fast...

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I got a trial on the rotational challenge I was playing.

I don't plan on calling a speed run, because it's meant as a practice.

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This is my first time trying a run, I always love watching runs videos and didn't have the confidence to try.
I got my sh*t together and started grinding the game and streaming =)

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Here is my Speedrun video Pou Sky Hop 42s 52ms

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Sounds Fun 😃 Im a fresh runner in the learning, but i take the chance to put my first ever recorded run in here 🙂

Metroid Dread Any% NMG Hard

Ofc unoptimized, unsure routing, lots of deads and no idea how to pseudo wave correctly 😃

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I've been playing Tradewinds Legends. My first speedrun of that game (where I was still figuring out the game- there are no tutorials for speedrunning so I had to figure things out on my own) was pretty abysmal. I cut my time in half so far and am pretty sure there is still room to reduce it further.