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I'm new to this site and I still don't know how things are going here, but I uploaded my first run a month ago and I still haven't received any answer. I would like to know if the checks take so long normally and if not, who should I contact because I really want to know if I did everything right. Game: Mr Bullet Spy Puzzle; Mode: Normal Any% and Normal Stars 3


yes a month is quite a bit. try to contact the moderators of the game and if they do not respond or you cant get ahold of them just request to be put as the mod for the game here

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If you go to the support hub, then press request game or series, then press report inactive moderator, you can request to become a moderator. You can also ask the moderator from their social links to become a moderator.
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The mod is still active on this site, so first try DMing him here.

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I'm the other way around, I check every day to see if anyone has uploaded a run. lol

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