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Hi guys.

Probably you all know what happened in Italy a couple of days ago, but if you didn't keep up with the news, there was an earthquake of 6,0 magnitude that affected pretty much the whole center of Italy.
After the first and most powerful shake there were 100+ other less powerful shakes that destroyed alot of buildings and even whole towns. Right now there's an estimate of atleast 250 deaths and a non specified amount of people that remained homeless.
That's why we, from the italian speedrun community decided to organize a speedrun marathon next week to help all the people affected by the earthquake.
We're gonna take donations for Croce Rossa Italiana, that is helping the people there in this moment.

All the help in organizing this event is appreciated.As we never did an online marathon and as maybe some of you know, italian internet is one of the worst in europe so its hard for us to stream at a high quality.

Anyone is welcome in submitting a game to help the event which we thought it could be next weekend. I'm gonna personally make the schedule. Submit by posting in here your game and the estimated time of finish. If you have any commentators, please write it in the post too.
To submit use this format:

- Submit Game Template -

Nickname :
Country :
Game :
Category :
Estimate :
Video : link
Commentators: if any

It will help in making the schedule.


The marathon will be from 2nd-5th September

Discord channel:

Twitch channel:

Schedule (not definitive):

I know everything is rushed, but people there need help and we have to do something as soon as possible.

Thanks for the help.

Update: The death count is now 281 deaths.

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Hello everyone, i'm DJPao86, member of the Italian Speedrunning community and member of the staff behind this project. I'm mostly handling the technical part (hosting, streaming etc.)

Since it's a rushed event (we actually were scheduling something similar for the end of the year ... but Tiger explained well what happened, so we thought it would be wise to anticipate and rush the event), we're forced to handle it as an online event.

Italian internet connections are quite bad, so it will be impossible to use one of the runners' bandwidth to stream both his run and keep the main stream up. The solution I'm actually considering and testing is to loan a virtual machine from Aruba datacenters (costs are not high, I'll be covering those) and use it for streaming, music and so on. If needed, we could have two and have a language restream (like one in Italian and one in English).

We're accepting ANY kind of help, technical, graphical (<-- this please!!!), help with plugins ... and runners 🙂 we have a bunch of runs, but ofc it's not much 🙂 Everything is well appreciated, especially from people that already handled an event like this.

Thanks in advance
= DJPao86 =

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Twitch: Jezs_
Nickname: Jezs (a.k.a Goober)
Country: England

Game: Hello Kitty and Sanrio Friends Racing
Category: All Tours
Estimate: 0:30:00
Possible Commentators: Jezs, Callumbal, Gonquai

Times available: 3pm - 3am GMT (


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Twitch: 1randomdude
Nickname : 1rd
Country : denmark
Game : Crash bandicoot trifecta
Category : any%
Estimate : 3:50:00
Video : link

Game: Dragon Ball Xonoverse
Estimate 15:00


Nickname: GreenDavideku
Country: Italy
Game: Zapper: One Wicked Cricket!
Category: Any% Race against tomiy11
Estimate: 21:00
Commentators: Tomiy11

Short and sweet game with cool speed tech, me and tom are the main runners of this game so I think we can show off a very clean run 😊

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Nickname: Tomiy
Country: France
Game: Zapper: One Wicked Cricket!
Category: Any% (race against David)
Estimate: 21:00
Video (PB/WR):
Commentators: GreenDavideku

Additional info: It's probably one of the most execution-based platformers once you get into the speedrun aspect of it, since it's very punishing and requires precise and rapid inputs. It's hard to commentate on it while playing but i'll try my best 😛

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What are the job descriptions for the Technical and Graphical?

I could help out with either. Just need more info to see if I can be able to.


Twitch: aidecor
Country: Australia
Game: Zoids: Legacy
Category: any%
Estimate: 6:30:00

Excuse the potato quality on the VOD, Australian internet is arguable the worst there is.
I would likely be filling a timeslot where most people watching would be asleep, simply due to timesones, so the length of the run shouldn't matter as much as otherwise, but if it's too long or monotonous to be accepted then so be it.

I might also be able to help with some of the other issues that you have, should my run not be accepted.

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@pjlx911 We need layouts for single runs and 2 people races for now. Intermission screens are also needed, and also 3 banners which would be for the donation button, the info section and one for the schedule. This is probably all.


Infamous First Light any%, 1:30:00 estimate. Not sure why everyone else was doing twitch nick and country, the original posts don't ask for that (and it's not like that information is hidden anyway)

Run this at a couple previous marathons, always goes over well


It's just the template from other marathons 😛 just say if there's some commentators and that would be fine.


Nick: Joey
Country: Norway
Game: Donkey Kong Country
Category: Any% all stages
Estimate: 40:00


Nick: garadas21
Country: Italy
Game: Duck Tales 2
Category: Any% easy
Estimate: 15:00

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Nickname: TaiyoGamer
Country: USA
Game: Out There Somewhere
Category: Any% IGT or 107%
Estimate: 8 minutes / 15 minutes
Video: for Any%, for 107%
Commentators: Myself & BeardedBusker (if available), a few other members of the community may also be available.

I run every category in this game but those two categories are my strongest (previous record holder for 107% too!).

About the game: A highly technical platformer/shooter involving plenty of OOBs glitches and frame perfect jumps. You utilize a teleporter gun (similar to Portal) that allows your character to teleport to wherever its shot lands.

Donation Incentive (If wanted/needed): Any% RTA is a five minute run of the game that uses the Smoke Overflow Glitch to skip right to the final boss fight in the game from the starting room. The glitch takes exactly 2 min 42 seconds to activate in the room, and with a little OOBs movement causes the fight scene to trigger.

Time Preference: Late night to Early morning preferred so any time between 11pm-6am would be awesome.

I hope everything is alright with yourself too OP, keep yourself and your close ones safe! My heart (and the hearts of the rest of my community) goes out to you guys.

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Nickname : TwoWorlds

Country : USA

Game : Jet Set Radio Future

Category : Any%

Estimate : 2:10

Video :

Possible commentators: (Too many to list)


Nickname : TwoWorlds

Country : USA

Game : Curious George

Category : Any%

Estimate : 1:10

Video :

Possible commentators: (Too many to list)


Nickname : Raikou99
Country : Australia
Game : Digimon World
Category : Any%
Estimate : 1:30:00
Video :

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Nick: garadas21
Country: Italy
Game: Duck Tales
Category: Any% easy
Estimate: 09:00

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Nickname : Roofress
Country : USA
Game : Resident Evil 2
Category : Leon A & Claire B
Estimate : 2 hrs max
Video :
I haven't recorded/highlighted many runs for RE2, but I have plenty experience across all the main scenarios. Leon A is the only category I've actually actively submitted times for at the moment. This game is rather limited in its glitches and tech usage compared to other games, so there's very little that can be done within the limitations of RE2 to drastically drop your times. It's mainly heavy on movement/menuing overall.

Commentators: I will try my best to commentate for myself during the run. 😃

Schedule can work at any time for me, but I would prefer a time slot during morning/afternoon between 8 AM to 6 PM (PST).


Nickname : Parkraft123 (parkboom46 on twitch)
Country : Canada
Game : Cave Story+
Category : Best Ending (Easy Mode)
Estimate : 1:15:00
Video :


Game : Super Mario World
Category : 11 Exit
Estimate : 15:00
Video :


Nickname : Cereth
Country : England
Game : Half-Life
Category : Any% Scriptless
Estimate : 0:50:00
Video :