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Hey I recommend the martial arts for speedrunning for a myriad of reasons. Now I hope that this doesn't attract any kind of negativity because I mean no harm at all.. but speedrunners/pro gamers or whichever it is that applies to you, a lot of them pretty much live by caffeine intake (that itself is very high), lots of restlessness nights, lack of sleep and this could be due to a lot of reasons.. maybe you are busy studying for college or high school and trying to get the most out of your grades for your exams. It could be environmental reasons or even factors at home.This is not a healthy way to live and I myself fell into this trap when I was a lot younger late teens and early to mid 20s where all I would do is drink an excessive amount of caffeine and live a lifestyle without sleep and eating an unhealthy diet. I really should have known better because I was disciplined in the martial arts but fell through a tough period in my life that saw a bit of laziness. I could tell you right now that the difference is going to be not the same experience for everyone. Me personally I always had high stamina so if I fell into period where I had a bad diet and lacked sleep I could really stay strong through 4-5 days straight gaming without much food or drink but inbetween those days start to nod off here and there before experiencing an extreme energy boost. Now that's just me personally everyone of us would have different results. I'm just saying that if we trained our bodies as well as our minds we could get the most out of our sessions and I hope that this inspires others to do something differently and who knows maybe it will be something that you like even if its just weightlifting and training in the gym.Its possible you could expect to see a night and day difference when gaming or streaming for long sessions at a time you might see yourself not wearing out as quickly as you used to. Also we gamers especially speedrunners/pros retire at an early age much like boxers or mma fighters do because our bodies can't take the beatings like they used to. There are a lot of good articles about this you can find through google about pros retiring early because of injuries carpel tunnel syndrome, arthritis, or even injuries involving the neck and sternocleidomastoid muscle in our neck and back and a lot of us end up having to get surgeries to get whatever is wrong with us repaired. I'd definitely recommend exercising your hands, fingers, and wrists more often to prevent this from happening as easily and training definitely will see an improvement. I'll write more about this stuff later if needed but just something to think about for inquiring minds.