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Hi! I'm wanting to record a couple speedruns, but I don't have the money to buy a capture card at the current moment. Do I have to record with a capture card? Or am I able to use a video camera? (The quality won't be as good, that's why I ask)


A capture card is preferred, but if you can't afford it, it's fine. You can use a webcam or anything like it to record, ideally you want the recording to be smooth too (no freezes, a good angle to make sure we see most of the screen correctly (aka actually seing the game and not your light reflecting on the screen)).

So yeah, as long as it's "smooth" and that we can see the game, it's fine.

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You basically just need a proof that you did your run in the given time. It can be a Capture Card or my old Nokia. But I doubt that anybody enjoys to watch videos recorded on a camera pointed onto the TV haha.

Use your camera, but if you'd like to do more (and professional) runs in the future, make sure you get yourself a card if you can.

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Okay. For now, I'll probably use a video camera, but I'll get a capture card as soon as I can. Thanks!! 😊

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Proof is proof regardless of what format it is. A capture card is preferred but, any type of video proof is better than submitting no video (some communities required video). As long as you have a way to record proof, take your time acquiring the capture card.

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If you're using PS4 or Xbox One, you can stream to twitch and save your past broadcast there, then either export a highlight to YouTube or just use the stream VOD as your video proof.


Okay. I am planning on getting a PS4 in the near future, but for now I only have a Wii. (I have other consoles, but the Wii is the newest one I have)


Just make sure you opt in to saving past broadcasts, on the twitch website (or maybe you can do it from the console app, I dunno). They aren't saved by default, you have to tell twitch you want them to be. They are deleted 14 days later so be sure to highlight any good runs before that time.

Could be an elegant solution if you're using PS4 for speedrunning.

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Haha, okie dokie. Thanks! 😃

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If you cannot record with a capture card like most people do for better video quality of the runs recorded,
You could use a video camera to record it, I suggest making sure you have proper lighting then to make it clear to see the game being recorded, and that if possible mount the camera to be as stable as possible for the recording to be at best quality with minimal shaking.

If your using a new gen platform such as PS4 or XBONE, you can record and stream it directly to twitch as an alternative.


If using a video camera make sure it is one that records at a stable frame rate, and that runs at a multiple of whatever the TV/Monitors refresh rate. (For a 60Hz TV make sure it's a 30/60FPS camera, 50Hz a 25FPS) This just ensures you're not skipping frames that help keep verifying runs easier.


Thank you all for all the answers! I found an ElgatoHD Capture Card online for a good price, so I'm probably going to get that. (I also found a Blue Snowball mic) 😊


Blue Snowball is an excellent mic on a budget, but can't be attached to any audio devices because it's a USB plug. If you ever look to upgrade go for a Blue Yeti, and then get an audio interface for it too.


@Ozotuh: Thank you!! I didn't know that!


Yeah, I was looking for a cheap mic too recently, found a video reviewing 5 mics under $50. The Snowball was the best one, but the main downside described was the fact that it was USB and couldn't be plugged into an audio interface.


I will keep that in mind!!

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could i use an ipad camera for filming a run?
I'm too poor for a capture card and a better camera
is that still fine?


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Most moderators will accept runs recorded from cameras as long as it's reasonably set up. Make sure to also record audio and don't jostle the camera.


Yeah, the important bit is that they should be able to clearly see what's going on.


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