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How am i to speed run a game without rules being there. Should I create the rules since no speed runs exist on the site, or what am i supposed to do?


If you're the only runner and you moderate the section then you can do what you like. Someone can always come along later and ask that you add something. For example I am the sole Golden Axe runner on here and I currently haven't added a co op option or a no magic run. But if someone came along with the aim of running it as well and asked for a new rule then I'd consider it if it was reasonable.


How would i become the moderator? Specifically for my game, there is a moderator but he hasn't added any rules to the game, or any of the sections within that game.


Well, since C&C is not the kind of game I'm used to, I bet the best way to be aware of the rules would be to contact the moderator. You can find at least his Twitch channel on his profile, so send him a PM there and you'll eventually get a reply.
Also, since C&C is a big series, maybe you can take example from another game, at elast for when to start and stop the timer, and that would give you a good basis.

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Okay, thanks. I sent him a message. Just hoping he'll get back to me, but i'm not sure that he's going to. He doesn't seem to use his twitch all that often from the looks of it


Well, the moderator still hasn't gotten back to me. Though it hasn't been too long since I sent him a message, he hasn't really used his twitch much, nor his YouTube. I currently don't know what I should do


The current moderator has 0 runs submitted in the series, so I'm fine with adding you as a series moderator. Try to figure out how people are actually running/timing/organizing other games in the series before making any new decisions. The rules should try to be what a runner would expect out of the game, not just what someone decided, if that makes sense. (Timing can always be changed later on obviously.)

Also when asking questions it helps us respond to the question more easily if we don't have to guess/research what game you're playing.


Sorry bout that. I'll be sure to specify the game next time. Either way, thanks for the help!