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Is there any way to record your PUBG Mobile gameplay on android?
I found 3 apps which can record internal audio on android but they are all pretty useless for our game:

The first one, and the only one that works for all devices, is Google Play Games.

Unfortunately, it only records in 720p and the quality is rather bad

The second one is Samsung Game Tools. It's preinstalled on some Samsung devices. Although it lets you choose the resolution and quality, the result is awful. I set it to 1080p and 6Mbps (the highest setting) but the recording I got only had a video bitrate of 2.4 Mbps and was unwatchable

The last one is Mobizen for Samsung. It works well and the quality is great if you set it to 1080p and 12 Mbps BUT you don't get external audio while recording. And as we all know, you just can't play PUBG Mobile without sound:-(

Are there any other solutions for a unrooted device (Samsung S7 in my case)?


I use Samsung Game Tools and have always had a decent result. If you are getting low bitrate vids then try changing the bitrate from auto to the highest possible (14 Mbps I think) in settings. There is a 4gb file size limit but that is not unusual. If you need any other tips on gameplay and speedrun recording and timing on mobile then the mobile speedrunning discord is at


In Samsung Game Tools, the best option for me is to set the quality to 720p and the audio bitrate near to highest (like about 10 Mbps). It works great.