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Dora the Explorer Star mountian Mini Golf has a game page, it is 9 holes of flash minigolf for children. Why cant we have ketamine?

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I'll redirect to a point made earlier in this thread:

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@OwOzzyOwOzzy That game was added over four years ago.


"If your game takes less than 5-10 minutes to beat casually, we're not looking to accept it."

Then why is Dragster on here as a game? A casual dragster run takes less than 30 seconds, the speedrun takes 5 seconds.
Why is TITOL on here? A casual run takes less than 15 minutes, the speedrun less than 3 minutes.

Sorry but that just sounds like an excuse to me, there are tons of short casual game examples that do not comply with what you said.

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I'll redirect to a point made earlier in this thread:

Although, more specifically, I heard that Dragster was added due to its historical importance.

Edit: Let's not forget to mention that both of those games were added several years ago.

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i dont really care if mr krabs gets accepted anymore but this seems kinda hypocritical that you approved and run this game @starsmileystarsmiley
"If your game takes less than 5-10 minutes to beat casually, we're not looking to accept it."
not only that you are the only runner
And a game off of like mr krabs

these ats i just wanna know what you think aswell @JamarleyJamarley @EchoStormEchoStorm

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@MonoSmashMonoSmash Given that there are three endings that take about 5 minutes each to speedrun, I’m not sure exactly what your point is? Clearly this game meets the criterion you quoted.

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That is also just the speedrun, casually the game could take hours

SMB1 is a good example, its 5 minutes but the game takes a long time to complete casually

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@MonoSmashMonoSmash I didn't approve it. We don't approve our own game submissions.

Not sure why you think we do.

We all go through the system like everyone else.

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@MonoSmashMonoSmash , don't know if you know this or not but @starsmileystarsmiley aint the only runner. "Penguinz0" on youtube has 2 videos and a couple streams speed running the game with over 1.7 mil views lol.


@edivatoredivator The argument by MonoSmash was that @starsmileystarsmiley is the only runner in the game she moderates, "Veronikka's To-Do".
The fact that Critikal runs "Mr krabs overdoses on ketamine", doesn't contradict the game being too short for the site standards.

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Why do we speedrun? Because it's fun. We love to compete, strategize, and collaborate.
The "this game is too short" ruling is detached from that fundamental spirit of speedrunning.

Though this website is private, I see no reason why a game that players show interest in speedrunning, shouldn't be accommodated for. (Besides the fact that this is a private website with private decision-making.)

Someone start a petition to get this game on and I'll sign it.

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Pretty sure that there are many forum threads where this question has been answered. Please look for them.

Edit: Here we go.

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Mods i'm sorry if this is unnecessary. Now everyone in this post and anyone who sees it in the future, No matter what you say, the outcome will be the same. Constantly arguing with and lashing out at the mods about this game getting rejected, and the whole "short game" thing, isn't going to change anything. The mods have it this way for a reason. And just like the mods have said, it doesn't stop you from speedrunning the game still, also if you want a leaderboard that badly, make a google doc or make a site for the game like Mario Kart community did! It's not necessary to keep going on and causing more stress and drama!

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I love how at least three people repeated the same argument that was already countered by @TimmiluvsTimmiluvs before they posted in this thread. Goes to show people want to argue but not listen.

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This is just a website wide conspiracy to discourage the use of ketamine. We will not be oppressed.

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Do we have an official document for the leaderboard yet?


@pizza4freepizza4free The game has a discord server, I'm sure they have something like that.

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Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Many have suggested a new website where all submissions are accepted many times over the years, but no one ever actually does it.

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