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There is a whole community, about 100 runs now, youtube videos with 100,000 views, and 4 running categories but submission was rejected because it was to "short/trivial"

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A certain number of runs and a certain number of views don’t stop a game from being trivial.

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If that's true @MonoSmashMonoSmash I wish the rules would get updated.

Any time a game is rejected for being "trivial" it is always suggested that a google doc / discord be kept until the game gains notoriety.

If this game has notoriety, surely that trumps its "trivial" nature? The rules should outline what takes precedence. Would a 30 hour RPG get accepted over this game if it only had 3 runners, for instance?

Feel bad for you OP.

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My understanding was that "trivial" refers primarily to the gameplay, but I could be mistaken. Anyway, the WR any% currently seems to be 21.438 seconds, so the emphasis is probably on the "short".


It's not that the speedrun is too quick, it's that the game is too quick. SMB1 is alright because it can take you hours casually, even if the speedrun takes less than 5 minutes.

If your game takes less than 5-10 minutes to beat casually, we're not looking to accept it.

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It's crazy what is called a game nowadays, especially if you look at all the stuff that gets dumped on steam.

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Like ckellyedits already said.
Set up a google doc or make a leaderboard on discord.
I did that when a game i requested didnt get accepted. The game is still going strong. (it got accepted later onto the site) I think if the game is still relevant in a month it could be considered, but what the staff means with it being to trivial is also that it wont improve in any kind of way or that it will just be a short thing that everyone just pumps and dumps ( that can just be bcs the game is so short)

idk just my thoughts to that

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@Bob-chickenBob-chicken You sure about that?


Date added 2020-09-30

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@hahhah42hahhah42 Hmmm

Edit: not defending the Excel "game" itself, but it appears the leaderboard was added with the "credits trilogy" category which takes 10 minutes, and 2 weeks later the shorter category was made.

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@Oreo321Oreo321 Looking at the submission dates for the runs, the 1:20 run was submitted the day the game got added, and the trilogy run a couple days later. Maybe the game request was submitted with the trilogy run, but then why does the title specifically state Microsoft Excel 95, when the trilogy uses three different versions of Excel?

My guess would've been that it was added under the Windows series and then separated later, but the mod isn't a series mod, so I have no idea what's going on with it.

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There are 2 types of speedruns for this game, glitch and glitchless


Added in July this year. It is literally god damn Minesweeper.... can't possibly take more than a few minutes to complete, and in a game like minesweeper there's not really such a thing as playing it 'casually'... you're either playing it or you ain't.

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Same for this, except it was added LESS THAN A MONTH AGO.
I just played it for the first time and completed it in around 9 minutes. Try it yourself if you want.

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@EchoStormEchoStorm Those games are part of a series, so the series mods can add them without going through the standard game request form. As such, games from a series effectively get held to lower standards, whether they're supposed to or not.

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Also, posting boards like this isn’t a “gotcha” like you might think it is. Site Staff are human, and they’ve admitted in the past that some games have made it through the game request process that probably shouldn’t have upon retrospective review, but they also won’t retroactively remove any games from the site.

The fact remains that the rules are in place for a reason and they are enforced/applied to incoming games and those rules probably aren’t changing any time soon.

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I don't think the point is a "gotcha", it's highlighting yet more inconsistency in the way these vague rules are applied.

The fact series creators have a loophole that is accepted, makes me question why new games aren't accepted in a broader sense. It's nonsensical, whether you agree with the rule or not, for it not to apply evenly across the entire site one way or the other.

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Series mods as a whole are a bit "bugged", and that is why series mods aren't handed out nearly as often as they once were. Is it a problem they can add games without going through the usual process? Yes, and that is exactly why (well, it's one reason) they aren't added as often as they were in the early days of the site. It's not so much a loophole, but rather the site learning from it's "mistakes" (or rather learning how to implement policies better) as it's grown over the years. Its why finding exceptions to the rules in games that were added years ago, or in something like series moderators isn't a good example of anything other than providing an example of why the rules have changed. Site staff won't get through and re-evaluate the like 20k games on the site, and they won't essentially punish a community/LB for being added prior to new rules or new restrictions.

As for the rules being vague, I won't beat a dead horse with that, staff has commented many times on that and they've reaffirmed that at the end of the day, it's ultimately up to their discretion what gets on the site.

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