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Found Twitch in 2015, found my favorite game (GTA: San Andreas) realized it could be speedran, realized I hated the speedrun for it, realized there were other GTAs, played GTA 3, fell in to speedrunning it.

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I’m not sure why, but I was actually first interested in the idea of speedrunning back in 2012 while on the speeddemosarchive website. One of my favorite games, Sly 2, didn’t have a run submitted, so I set out to make a segmented 100% run for it and finished it. My interest in single-segment runs came later, but that’s where it started for me.


Though I do remember a few weak attempts I made playing web games quickly, my first real introduction to speedruns was watching SM64 and SMS speedruns on YouTube. Years later after I had forgotten, I caught an AGDQ (2015 I think), which helped me realized speedrunning was an actual thing, though I don't think I knew SGDQ existed. Later, in 2016, though my interest had waned during inter-GDQ months, I somehow found out darbian achieved his 4:57.260, found him and a few other speedrunners through SRL, eventually made a Twitch and SRC account, and learned about the community. Though I knew for many months that I wanted to speedrun, I did not start until last July, when I realized I owned a game that would be perfect, looked it up, found an (unfortunately dead) leaderboard, and completed my first run.