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Personally, two runs got me extremely interested in speedrunning.

Back in 2013, I found the current sm64 120 star tas and found it interesting. I found other RTAs and TASes and I remember telling myself how much I would like to speedrun 0/1 star.

The run that actually got me into speedrunning, though, was @Jcool114 's MKWii run at SGDQ17.

what about you?


Firedragon's Luigi's Mansion runs

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Not sure which exact run, but it probably mainly was SGDQ 2013, where I saw a bunch of runners I'd later follow, which got me invested into the communities around some of the games. I dabbled a bit with Fire Emblem Awakening, but never recorded and submitted any runs until I saw how much of a thing Portal speedruns are.

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For me it was a video of a Siglemic 1:43 120-star run, it absolutely blew my mind. I think it was WR at the time, or not far off at least.

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I already was experienced with speedrunning because of SGDQ and AGDQ. I expected me not to enjoy it, however.
At some point I started watching SimonN on Twitch, and that got me liking speedrunning a lot more. But I still thought it wasn't my thing.
Then at some point I was playing Dizzy Prince of the Yolkfolk again. And I felt like I wanted to do a speedrun of that game. I did, and that's what got me into speedrunning. 🙂


I love Splatoon 2 level speedrun ?


Nothing in particular got me into speedrunning, at least not that I can remember. Even before I was aware of what speedrunning was, I apparently still had the "go fast" mindset for it, since I grinded time trials in Mario Kart 8 fairly extensively a while back, though I didn't really have any competitive drive, I was pretty much just doing it for my own enjoyment. I became fully aware of speedrunning some time after I became active in the Distance community, and since that game is based on time trials, while also having mechanics that were designed to let you leave the intended path, I just sort of gradually got into more it as I improved at the game and starting doing the skip routes.

I don't really think I can say I've really started doing speedruns yet, though, since Distance is still in beta, but it's something, I guess? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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halfcoordinated AGDQ's run of Momodora: Reverie under the moonlight.
I dont even speedrun Momodora, but he inspired me to run something.

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@Ewil's run of Need for Speed: Carbon in 2:01:28. The execution was great for the time and it stood as WR for almost 2 Years even though lots of timesaves were found after that run.


Almolicious's Paper Mario run at SGDQ


EnNopp112's Zelda Majora's Mask any% runs


Gocnak and Centaur1um
Also all the lads at source runs doing hl2, in fact, i'm gonna be submitting a hl2 run tomorrow :3.

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@YayodelaRiva 's Jet Set Radio Future Any% run


I started streaming and speedrunning about three years ago because I felt that the WR run in my primary game, Legend of Legaia, was not very good at 12:22:08. I set out to improve it and have continually worked to bring the time down a little at a time. Right now, the WR for any% is 7:26:00, a nearly five hour drop over the past three years, and with new glitches being discovered, any% NG+ (sort of a misnomer, but the glitch relies on using pre-made save files) now exists with a WR time of 6:52:05.

With all the new skips that have been found since the start of the year (and the year's only 13 days old), I'm actually excited to see what the next few months will bring, and really do hope to see the run in Limit Break this May.

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Hard to say. I started really having an interest in speedrunning when I saw AdamAK's GTA Vice City run at one of the GDQs back in 2015 (I was aware of speedrunning probably as far back as 2009/10). RWhiteGoose was also someone who was entertaining, intelligent and informative and I really enjoy his speedrun sessions.

I only started speedrunning like 10 days ago, but I plan on only doing handheld games (on the more oscure side of things). Stuff like 2nd-rate platformers or racing games. This AGDQ was a big driving factor for me as it was the first time I watched a GDQ from start to finish.


Cosmo & Wind Waker



For me I started with Siglemic's AGDQ 2014 120 star run. After that I started watching Apollo Legend, gladjonas, and EZscape. These YT's helped me get veery into speedrunning


I actually got into speedrunning back in 2012 watching mcgamers windwaker any% runs, but that would lead me into eventually watching cosmo Wright and then I saw oot speedruns. I started with ocarina of time any% back in 2012, and learnt some old mst route, before eventually giving up because I didn’t have the drive, I still watched speedruns for years to come though, until one day I was casually playing l4d with some friends, and we just decided, how fast can we beat no mercy? So we just kept trying and trying lol, then I went and looked up the wr, got into his streams and eventually learnt strats and started running the game.